40 Tools & Resources For Creating Holographic Effects

Traditionally, holographic effects were only achievable by printing onto holographic foil and paper, but with a large portion of our design work now being consumed on screens we can recreate those colourful holographic effects digitally with the help of creative tools and design resources. In this roundup I collate 40 of the best holographic textures, graphics and assets out there, including both free downloads and high quality products.



Free Holographic Vectors from Freepik

Free Holographic Photos from Freepik

Free Holographic Images from Vecteezy

How to Design a Holographic Sticker Using Photoshop & Illustrator

10 Textures To Simulate Holographic Foil Print Effects

HoloFoil Holographic Foil Textures

90 Holographic Crumpled Foil Textures

Holographic Glitch Foil Textures

Holographic Glitch Abstract Textures

Holo Sticker Generator

Holographic Backgrounds

15 High Quality Holographic Textures

Foil Shapes and Textures

Iridescent Blob Shapes Collection

Iridescent Fluid 3D Shapes Collection

Holographic Backgrounds Collection

Holographic Textures

Iridetex - Holographic Iridescent Textures Pack

Holographic Fluids

Holographic Liquid Background Set

Neon Holographic Abstract Background Set

Holographic Mood Textures

Lava | Abstract Backgrounds

Chromoplastica Backgrounds

Iridescent Abstract Backgrounds

Holo - Iridescence Textures

Holographic Sticker Pack

Shinju - Holographic Foil Textures

Holo Dreams Iridescent Texture Pack

Holographic Foil Textures

Holographic Foil Textures

50 Holographic textures

HOLOFOIL - 15 Holographic Textures

Holo Foil - Holographic Textures

Y2K 3D Aesthetic Shapes Collection

Set of holographic gradients

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