70+ Cosmic Photoshop Brushes of Planets, Moons and Stars

Access All Areas members have a huge collection of useful Photoshop Brushes to download this week, courtesy of James Dene of Dene Studios. The Cosmic Photoshop Brush Bundle is a compilation of multiple space-themed brush packs to provide a complete library of highly-detailed planet, moon and star graphics. Use these 3000x3000px brushes to create surreal sci-fi scenes.

In the Dene Studios Creative Market Store you will find a vast collection of design resource products to help you create a variety of unique styles, including brushes, actions, fonts, and illustrations. Get a free product and stay updated about new releases by joining the Dene Studios mailing list.

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70+ Cosmic Photoshop Brushes of Planets, Moons and Stars

Inside this Photoshop Brush bundle you will find over 70 individual brushes featuring planets, moons, stars and distant nebulae. They are highly detailed at 3000px in size! Create your own sci-fi space art or enhance your photos of the night sky.

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