A Collection Of AI Tools For Designers To Become More Productive


Thanks to ChatGPT and the likes of MidJourney, Artificial Intelligence has been massively trending for almost a year now. It already seems to be widely used in all kinds of industries, but some designers and other creative people seem a bit reluctant to use it, as it’s not really a display of their creative skills.

There is a great debate on the future of AI, the potential for abuse, its impact on our work, and the way our entire societies are organized. While this debate may be important, it’s more important to note that people who are already using AI in their daily work are gaining productivity in ways that we have rarely seen before.

For designers, this question should be answered as well, as we will need to choose whether we want to adapt or keep working with older tools because that’s what AI software is at the core, tools. In this post, we bring you a set of great AI tools for designers, hoping to help you become more productive in your daily work. This selection includes both tools for professional and non-professional designers.

How to use these tools?

The short answer would be: use it as it suits you the best, but that wouldn’t be sufficient for most people in my opinion. A more accurate answer would be to use it for the right tasks. For example, for a non-design use, take ChatGPT. Should you use ChatGPT to write a full article? Probably not, although the writing quality is decent, it still feels somewhat lifeless. However, if you write an article, you can use ChatGPT to write an SEO description, write social media posts, or other by-products of the article. On the writing front, you could also use the AI writer to brainstorm, translate text from other languages, or research a topic. The same goes for AI tools for designers, should you design the cover of a book with it? Probably not. Is it suitable to help you design social media posts, probably yes.

AI tools for designers

1 – MidJourney

MidJourney is a generative artificial intelligence software that generates images from natural language prompts. It can understand prompts quite well and output illustrations and artworks in all kinds of styles. With the most recent version, MidJourney became capable of producing realistic photographic images. As of today, it’s only available through the Discord app.

2. Designs.ai

The most impressive AI design tool in the list, as it’s the most versatile one. Designs.ai is able to create all kinds of designs, from logos to videos or social media visuals. If you are looking to get started quickly with a new startup, you can pretty much all you need from here and adapt it a bit. It’s a paid app, but well worth the price.

3. Vance.ai

Vance.ai is a set of AI photo enhancement and editing tools. With it, you can do anything with images: enhance, upscale, sharpen, denoise, remove backgrounds, and much more… The perfect companion for faster and more productive image editing.

4. Fontjoy

Fontjoy is an online tool designed to help you discover and match fonts. Although the process seems totally random, it uses neural networks to make it happen through artificial intelligence. Perfect for finding fonts for your projects when you lack inspiration.

5. Firefly

Adobe’s take on AI with Firefly is pretty impressive, even though it’s still in beta version for now. There are already some impressive features, such as text-to-image generation, generative fill that uses a brush to paint or remove objects, or text effects on words and phrases, among others. The most promising ones are still being developed, so we are quite excited for it to be released.

6. Khroma

The perfect companion to find and work on colors for your design projects. Khroma is an AI that learns your color preferences and uses it to generate unlimited color palettes to pick from.

7. Illustroke

Illustroke helps you generate vector illustrations with the help of AI. Following the instructions, you can send a prompt and select illustrative styles to design the perfect vector illustration for your project.

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