A Plywood Chair Designed To Include The Books You Are Currently Reading

Conceived by João Teixeira, the Void lounge chair is a sculpted furniture piece that adopts an origami-inspired design. Constructed from plywood, the chair features a seamless shape that gracefully envelops itself, shaping the seat, backrest, two legs, and a distinctive element — two inconspicuous side pockets. Nestled within the empty space between the legs, these pockets provide a convenient space for users to effortlessly insert and store their books and magazines.

Specializing in the creation of multifunctional contemporary furniture, Teixeira Design Studio offers unique design solutions aimed at elevating the user experience. The Void chair exemplifies this approach as the Portuguese studio seamlessly combines the functionality of a seat with that of a coffee table or bookshelf, all wrapped in a sleek finish. Employing plywood for its construction, the chair achieves volumetric appeal, forming a continuous and unified shape that eliminates any gaps between its components. The sculptural finish not only discreetly incorporates versatile functionality with simplicity but also renders it an adaptable addition to a variety of interior settings, be it in libraries, waiting areas, or bedrooms.

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