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Today we are featuring a creative digital illustrations artist, designer and producer of creative content ahead of the Prancheta do Massai channel on youtube “Leandro Massai“, with his amazing digital illustrations collection. He was from Belo Horizonte, Brazil. His work is influenced by elements of the 80’s and 90’s skate punk, comics and a lot of psychedelia and currently he is working with advertising illustration for clients from various parts of the world such as Australia, United States, Egypt, Indonesia, Spain and England.

He is always in a good mood and positivity and always tries to learn and have fun with my work.

You can catch Leandro Massai on Behance.

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Leandro Massai Digital Illustrations

Leandro Massai is a professional graphic artist, designer and illustrator. He draw digital concept art, but also of places, moments, black holes in space, and everything in between. Here is the list of amazing, remarkable Digital Illustrations by Leandro Massai. Have a look, and feel the power of Illustration!

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