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Slot games are some of the most addictive and fun games to play on online casinos. With the gambling industry growing exponentially, gaming providers are putting more and more investment into new games to wow you as a player, and make slot games more fun for the foreseeable future.

In today’s article, we look at what a slots game should look like to make them enjoyable, and just some of the best-designed slots games you can play today. 

What are some of the Best Designed Slot Games?

There are thousands of registered and amazing looking slot games out there, but our list can only have a few. Below are just some of our favourite looking slot games that you can find on online casinos, to get the most out of your online slot experience. 

Ancient Fortunes: Zeus

Ancient Fortunes: Zeus is a game developed by Microgaming and Tripple Edge Studios. Microgaming is known to have some of the best and most interactive slots around, and Ancient Fortunes: Zeus is not an exception to this. 

This amazingly colourful, bright and exciting slot will have you playing for hours with not only its amazing looks and designs but also the way the game plays. When playing Zeus, you have the opportunity to win progressive jackpots (casino dependent), wild scatters that can spread across the whole pay line and a large number of free spins. 

Money Train 2

One of the most popular slot games in recent times, Money Train 2, is another one on our list of the best-designed games. Although rumoured to be replaced with Money Train 3, Money Train 2 on the surface doesn’t look all too fancy, but with some amazing symbols and pay lines, the game is hard to ignore. 

When you trigger the free spins feature, you will be even more amazed. The free spins feature can net you a massive 60,000x your bet. The best part? For each spin that drops, you will get a multiplier, and these can also be progressive multipliers! This game is hard to beat due to its amazing graphics and even better winning possibilities, we strongly recommend you find a casino that offers Money Train 2 to you today. 

Fruit Party 2

Another slot that we can not recommend strongly enough is Fruit Party 2. Developed by Pragmatic Play, another massive slots developer – this game offers the fruitiest of both lavish colours and crazy pay lines. Fruit Party 2 is not your typical slot, but rather a slot based on how many of the symbols you have in one screen. These are known as cluster slots.

Fruit Party 2 has some massive pay lines, and with that also has some high volatility, but the design of this game in terms of its looks is great. The fruit and bright colours help make the game stand out from others, and when paired with the massive winning possibility, we think Fruit Party 2 deserves a spot on our list of best-designed slot games. 

Chicken Drop

Do you like Chickens? Another Pragmatic Play developed game, Chicken Drop puts you straight inside the coop with a nice chicken who will hopefully give you some nice eggs! (wins). Chicken Drop shows you some nice, bright symbols, but if you get lucky – your chicken may lay a big egg changing all the symbols in the area boundary into a single one! 

Chicken Drop can net you a nice profit if you get the biggest egg, and if it’s replacing symbols with Wilds – then you’re in a lot of luck as this is another cluster-based game. The design and aesthetics themselves, along with the great possibilities and endless fun whilst playing, we would strongly recommend you play a few spins on Chicken Drop, and experience the fun we had whilst playing! 

Money Mariachi

Money Mariachi is a slightly less popular slot game, but we need to recommend this to you because of its design. Firstly, the game is provided by InfinityReels making the game an incredibly addictive, and exciting game as you can get some extremely long pay lines – reaching over 35 slots long! 

Not only this, but the Mexican styled slot is also incredibly aesthetically pleasing. The symbols, icons and even the bonus features all look really nice and make you feel immersed within the game. We think you should check out Money Mariachi at an online casino near you today! 

What should a Slot Game have to be Top Tier?

There’s no question that slots, in general, have to be fun and entertaining for the long run. When you are looking around for a slot game, you should always consider some key factors when trying to find the best designs for modern slot games.

Firstly, it needs to look good. All slot games need to be interesting to you, otherwise, the game becomes boring and not fun to play. Looking for the best-designed slots can be as easy as filtering by the popular slots first, but usually, if you click into a slot – you’ll know if it’s a great design within a few seconds. 

When checking for looks, make sure the game has nice symbols, a nice theme and nice aesthetics to get the most out of your online slots experience.

Another feature that a good slot game machine will have, is progressive winning methods. This may come in the form of a progressive jackpot, jackpot symbols, free spins, variable spins and anything else that will make the game enjoyable for you as a player. These can be very dependent on where you live, and the casino you’re playing on – but we’re sure you’ll have no issue finding one of these amazing casinos to play this type of slot on. 


All in all, we hope that this article has helped you identify some of the best-designed slot games that you can find in online casinos. Have you played any other games that have been designed beautifully and intelligently? Let us know! Find out more about slot games here.

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