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Creative Flow is artificial intelligence-inspired software. That enables you to come up with dynamic and creative designs and visuals. The content produced and designed through Creative flow stands out among all other designs. It means Creative flow enables you to grab the attention of the target audience. It contains different categories of templates. That helps you to select and modify them according to your needs. It makes your graphic design process easy.

This article will enable you to gain insights into the features or benefits of Shutterstock’s creative flow and how it helps you in your graphic design journey.

Features of Creative Flow:

There are several benefits or prominent features of the creative flow tool. That enables you to make amazing graphic design projects. Following are some of the features:

  • Creative flow is an easy-to-use tool that can be used by anyone as it’s not hard to learn.
  • It contains a great number of images, videos, and other music assets in the Shutterstock library.
  • It contains a creative editing tool in form of Shutterstock create.
  • The AI-powered search tool enables you to put keywords as per your need to find templates for your relevant category. That is needed for the graphic design
  • One can also predict and estimate what design decision they make will be profitable for their future campaigns. It becomes possible because of data-backed insights and AI. The data-backed insights comprise 600 billion data points and 7K brands.
  • There are a great number of categories of stock images and videos that you can select from. There is no limitation of category. You can easily find any stock image you want.
  • You can add a photo editing effect, or resize the design based on the platform you need to post in. Moreover, you can also get the background remover option. Image converter, collage maker, and color palette are also some other design tools available in the creative flow. That adds value to the designs or your creative projects.

Different categories of the template:

There are a large number of creative assets in the Shutterstock creative flow library. It consists of many amounts of categories of templates. That can be skimmed through to get any relevant design template. And then edit and modify it. To get what you need for your creative project. Following are some prominent categories of templates available in Creative flow for graphic design purposes:

  • If you are in charge to make creative, informative, or informational cards. Then you do not have to worry as Creative flow possesses different subcategories of card templates. You don’t only get birthday card templates. But you also get wedding cards, baby shower cards, get well soon cards, and other such invitation card templates as well. You have to skim the relevant sub-category of invitation card templates and see what is best for you.
  • If you are towards the marketing side of things, creative flow helps in that aspect too. You can get templates for email marketing strategies, you can get templates for content ideas, and you can get content calendars, business cards, and other such stuff that are included in the marketing strategies of any given business. Moreover, it can also provide you with different logo templates to reach the most relevant logo for your brand.
  • If you are an intermediate or expert graphic designer who handles making dynamic. And attractive mood boards and infographics. The creative flow is the place for you. You can choose from a long list of templates and carry forward your graphic design
  • If you are a virtual assistant or social media manager, then the creative flow will come in handy for you. As there are a lot of templates available for social media content design ideas. Like you can get Instagram, Facebook, and Pinterest content ideas.

Pros and Cons of Creative Flow:

Following are the benefits or pros of using Creative flow for your graphic design projects:

  • You can get high-resolution images from the stock library.
  • You get a great variety of categories for templates, where you can select from your relevant category. Edit and modify it efficiently.
  • It saves you time and effort.
  • It saves your money too as Creative flow is also available for free if you do not want to buy the subscription.
  • You can locate any image from the predict search option. That allows you to know what images or stock will be beneficial for your graphic design
  • You can also schedule the content.
  • The catalog option enables you to organize content in one place as a catalog or portfolio of your graphic design You do not have to frequently move and copy designs to some other platform to organize.
  • In creative flow, you can collaborate or coordinate for a graphic design project too.
  • Moreover, you can also get content recommendations that are most relevant to you through the planning option of Creative flow.

Cons of Creative Flow:

Following are some cons of using Creative flow for graphic design projects:

  • Maybe the free version of Creative flow does not provide you with more amazing options that are only available for people with subscription plans. That will likely hinder your creative process if you need certain elements or creative assets. And options that are not available in the free version.
  • The people you are working for can also need to add more depth and textures to the design projects. That cannot be achieved with an AI-inspired platform or stock images or assets. If you need human touch in your designs then the creative flow is not for you. That’s one of the main disadvantages of creative flow.


Creative flow can be used for free. But there are two types of subscription plans that are available to get the premium design assets and experience as well. It’s up to you if you want a monthly plan or a yearly plan. If you select a monthly subscription plan then you need to give $12.99 per month. But if you select the yearly plan then you need to give $119 per year. Lastly, users can also sign up for a 30-day Free Trial.


Amazing offer for our subscribers and followers that the suite of CreativeFlow+ tools is available for free to all Shutterstock Image subscribers.


Thus, it shows how important Shutterstock’s Creative flow is for your graphic design projects. That enables you to save time, money, and effort. So what are you waiting for? Start creating amazing projects on Creative flow. And make a difference in the market or design industry.


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