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Creating a blog sounds easy. In the simplest case, you just have to choose a pre-developed template and get started. However, the practice shows that custom blogs have higher chances to win the competition, and for this goal, you have not only to create high-quality content but also to work on the design. What’s more, not only the design aesthetics but also its technical features are important.

So, how to design a blogging website? It’s time to stop on blogger website design best tips for beginners. Next, you will find actionable pieces of advice on this issue.

Top 7 Design Blog Tips For Newbies

Beginners can face many pitfalls when creating a blog, especially when it comes to design. In the pursuit of aesthetics and innovation in the context of design, a novice blogger can encounter the opposite effect. Therefore, below you will find blog designing tips with which you can create the right design for your blog, which will be a good basis for the subsequent SEO promotion and great user experience.

Choose an SEO-Friendly Theme

When it comes to website blog design, the first thing to start with is choosing the right theme for your blog. A theme is an opportunity to get a good template for your blog without having to spend a lot of time designing the right layout of the page. However, it is worth giving preference to SEO-friendly themes, as in the future it will allow you to effectively promote your blog in the context of SEO.

Pay attention to themes that offer responsive design. That is, on themes that will adapt to the screen size of each user. It allows for avoiding mobile version development but still makes SEO promotion easier. After everything is ready with the design, you will be able to proceed with SEO. Create high-quality content, pick the right keywords, design appealing visuals, and choose packages for building links.

Create a Blog Logo

Even if you plan to start a blog as a hobby, you still need a logo. A logo is a powerful tool with which you can increase awareness and create a personal brand. For example, in the future, this can help create passive income and monetize your blog. You can make a good logo design with Canva. With this free and intuitive app, you will get all the necessary tools to create a unique logo without professional help.

Select a Font

You also need to decide on the fonts that you will use for your blog. At the same time, keep in mind that when your content is created with different fonts, it violates the integrity of the design and does not look attractive. Therefore, you need to decide on two fonts that you will use. Do not mix complex fonts and follow “the simpler, the better” rule. Choose two main ones and use them for all your content.

Define a Color Scheme for Your Blog

The color scheme is an important point for creating a quality blog design. At the same time, it is worth adhering to a single color scheme for both the blog and your social media profiles. This will create the integrity of both the design and your brand. If you need more tips for social media promotion, check out emilyandblair.

When choosing a color scheme, you should also keep the psychology of color in mind. For example, the blue color inspires confidence. Green symbolizes energy and growth. Orange evokes a feeling of joy and so on. So, you can use it to create the right atmosphere for your users.

You can use an online tool like Coolors to create the perfect color palette for your blog. However, it is worth remembering that you should not create a wide palette, a combination of two main colors, just like with the fonts, will be enough.

Use Quality Photos

A blog that will attract the attention of users should contain not only text but also graphic elements. Therefore, it is necessary to pay attention to the selection of visuals. Your visuals should match your design so that you can create a single image. You can use photo editing services like Photza to create such photos or use a photo bank platform like Envato, Pixabay and CreativeMarket.

Use Plugins

When it comes to plugins, it means not only the solution to any technical issues. Today many interesting plugins come in handy to make your blog design attractive. For example, with the help of plugins, you can customize social media buttons, forms, and so on. Additional interactive elements for your blog can enhance the user experience, so it’s worth considering plugins to help improve the design of your blog.

Optimize Your Blog

Another important point in the context of design is its optimization. The use of complex elements and images can result in increased page loading time which will negatively affect both the rating and the user experience.

Therefore, it is worth checking all the elements of your design and optimizing it so that the design doesn’t overwhelm your blog from the technical side. Use PageSpeed Insights and check the page’s loading time. Resize the images and avoid complex graphic or web design elements so as to optimize the loading speed.

Wrapping Up

Indeed, there are no more or less important tasks when it comes to blog development and promotion. Choosing the right design solution is only one of them. Use this guide for making the right choice from the very beginning and avoid the mistakes that directly affect SEO performance and user experience.


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