How To Keep Your Bathroom Looking Good As New For Longer

After remodelling, your bathroom is showroom-worthy with a shiny and bright bathtub, showerheads and vanity. Unfortunately, maintaining the pristine conditions is challenging since you may not have time to scrub the surfaces daily. However, you can maintain the cleanliness and freshness of your bathroom with the following tips.

Get rid of clutter regularly

We tend to accumulate plenty of clutter, from skin and hair products to old towels, newspapers and toothbrushes, and clutter tends to harbour dust and dirt and takes up space in your storage areas. Regularly, go through the items in your bathroom and choose what to recycle, donate, or discard. Removing the items will free up your storage spaces and make your bathroom’s interior design far brighter. You should also arrange your bathroom essentials and tidy up the drawers and cabinets daily.

Keeping the tiles and grout clean

Bathroom tiling experts like Just Tiles recommend using natural stones and other tiling styles since they are stylish and durable. However, tiles need proper care to last long. For instance, if you have porous tiles, ensure you seal the tiles and grout to avoid stains and water absorption. Ceramic tiles can also appear dull with time if you do not maintain proper care. You can vacuum or sweep the floors often. However, if you are using water, ensure it is clean to avoid water spots. Ensure you also dry the floors properly to avoid mould development.

Ensure proper ventilation

Moisture is the biggest threat to your sparkling bathroom since it leads to mildew and mould. Unfortunately, you cannot get rid of moisture in the bathroom, but you can ensure it does not cause you problems. Ensure your bathroom has proper airflow for moisture to dissipate faster. For instance, open windows when showering to ensure moisture leaves the room. It would help if you also wiped down the walls after a long shower.

Use the right cleaning solutions

While cleaning solutions get rid of dirt and stains on bathroom surfaces, some detergents are strong and will have an undesired effect on your bathroom fixtures. Some can erode the glaze on your bathtub, making it appear old and dull. Use mild detergents and rinse them thoroughly with water to maintain shiny bathroom surfaces. Bathroom tiling experts recommend diluted bathroom cleaners or natural cleaning solutions like vinegar and baking soda when removing scum and stains on your tiles.

Swap out your bathroom linens, shower curtains & mats

Proper care of towels and mats ensures you do not replace them often, hence saving you money. Wash the used towels and remove any stains. Follow the instructions on proper care of the linens. When cleaning your shower area, ensure you wash the shower curtain and spread it to dry as it will prevent mildew on the curtains. You can also reduce scum build-up on the shower curtain by spraying the vinyl liner with bleach.

Deal with stains early

Stains set in and become harder to remove after a few hours or days. That means getting rid of stains will require additional effort and detergents. However, you can cut your cleaning time by half if you deal with stains as soon as they occur. A few disinfecting wipes will do the trick. Keep them handy under your sink and clean any mess as soon as it occurs.

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