Main Things To Consider Before Making a Game App


It is impossible to underestimate the popularity of game applications. Just look at the App Store or Play Market: there are millions of games in hundreds of categories. Some of them are simple and fun, others – more complex and specific. There are games for children and games for adults. This means that every developer can find the niche and succeed. However, the sole desire to hit the market is not enough. Below we want to share the most important things to look at before making one of such apps. 

Define your skills

Creating a game application is not easy. The process involves research, development, design, video/audio, marketing, and much more. If you look for the best sites or game apps to play, you may notice that every aspect of the platforms is flawless. 

That is why you should first understand what skills you have. Grace Tennet, a content manager of the huge New Zealand gambling portal CasinoHEX claims that every game creator should define weak spots and consider hiring specialists to help out before launching the project. For example, you are good at coding but don’t know a thing about design. Thus, the best option is to invite a designer to the team.

Conduct a research

The second stage is getting familiar with the market. It is probably the most difficult and time-consuming element of the preparation stage but you shouldn’t neglect it. The more time you dedicate to studying the competitors and users, the simpler it will be in the future. Make notes on everything that you see: top-rated games, what people like and dislike, design features, in-app purchases, and so on.

Keep in mind that gaming demographics and preferences have significantly changed over the past years. Nowadays, an average gamer is around 35 years old and prefers casual games that are easy to download and play. The most popular niches are also shooters and role-playing games.  If you consider this stage too difficult, think about investing in a marketing specialist who evaluates the industry and gives valuable tips.

Find the right idea 

Finally, you need to brainstorm and make a list of ideas for the future app. You can do this on your own or with a team for the best efficiency. If there is no clear idea in mind, surf app stores and see what categories are in demand. Think about a game that can help you to stand out.

Here’s a small tip: all new is well overlooked old, so refer to the past and you’ll surely find a few brilliant ideas. And don’t forget to add details to the game: characters, plot, and relationships will make it more engaging. 

Choose a popular platform

Did you know that games make 80% of sales at app stores? This statistics proves that you have chosen the right niche. But it is only the beginning because the next stage is deciding on the platform. Most developers find it difficult to choose between iOS, Android, Windows, and Blackberry. Although the second two options are less popular.

In the beginning, we recommend sticking to a single platform where your target audience resides. In the future, you can enter new markets by developing a cross-platform application.

Come up with a monetization strategy

If you are not an altruist and want to make some money on the app, it’s important to understand what monetization policies exist and which one is the best. Here are the most popular strategies to consider:

  • Advertisements. Downloading is free but there are in-app ads. When they are tapped or watched, a developer gets paid. The disadvantage of this method is quite obvious – too many users find ads annoying.
  • In-app purchases. Users need to pay to buy extra features and personalization items.
  • One-time fee. It is charged upon downloading the app but the rest of the content is free.
  • Premium account. Players can use the basic version for free but to enjoy full functionality they should pay a certain price.

Success takes time, dedication, and expertise 

The preparatory stage is extremely important. You need to know your skills, conduct comprehensive market research, find a fresh and interesting idea, and go through other stages discussed in the article. The good news is that everything’s possible if you are serious about developing a game app and won’t quit at the first difficulties. Good luck!

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