Midjourney Beginners Tutorial – Getting Started & Creating Your First AI Art

I recently began exploring the world of AI Art with Midjourney. It’s an online tool that can bring anything from your imagination to life, no matter how surreal or abstract. If you’re new to AI art, Midjourney is perhaps the best-rated for creating visual art. You enter a series of prompts and the AI will do its best to depict your written command. It can generate a wide range of art styles, from painterly effects to hyper-realistic renders. In this video I share some beginner tips to help you get started with Midjourney and create your first piece of AI art.

► Create a Discord account – https://discord.com
► Join Midjourney – https://midjourney.com
► See what weird and wonderful AI art others are creating – https://midjourney.com/showcase

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