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Once again we are featuring great graphic designer and illustration artist Pablo Olivera, with his stunning digital concept art collection. He is a Freelance Digital Artist from Argentina, currently working in Film Production, Concept Art, Digital Sculpting, Matte Painting, key frame illustrations and presentation artwork. His passion is helping directors and creators bring their visions to life from pitch to completion, specializing in film and gaming.

He love creating fantastic monsters, design robots, legend warriors, super heroes and new worlds, He can work on many different styles and always do best to impart this excitement on every work he get involved with. He awarded 1st first place in the International Latin America Dragon contest #DragonesWacom, and the wonderful recognition from the great Dan Katcher ( the father of the Dragons, Games of Thrones ).

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Here is the list of Stunning Digital Concept Art By Pablo Olivera. Have a look, and feel the power of Illustration!


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