PixCap Has Just Launched a New Version of its Platform That Allows Anyone to Create Professional 3D Designs


PixCap, a browser-based 3D design platform, has unveiled its new platform of 3D design tools that enable designers – even those with no 3D design training – to more easily and quickly create and edit professional 3D digital content. 

This upgraded version of PixCap contains a more intuitive interface and an extensive library of over 1,000 3D templates, eliminating the need for lengthy tutorials or building each 3D project from scratch. 

PixCap’s extensive library of over 1,000 3D templates and models

The PixCap platform answers the burgeoning demand for professionally produced 3D content across social media, games, graphic design, and, increasingly, metaverse-related needs. The company already serves over 20,000 users from over 60 countries.

Designers can use PixCap’s library of 3D templates (multiple objects) and models (singular objects) – or import their own – by simply dragging and dropping into their project for further editing. Using the platform’s full-feature editor, templates and models can then be easily edited and customized to users’ needs, such as adjusting lighting, adding shadows, tweaking character poses, and editing object materials to fit brand colors. 

PixCap offers quick and easy 3D content creation for users without design experience

The redesigned PixCap platform also streamlines the 3D content creation process to enable new types of users, such as marketers, advertisers, app designers, and social media content creators, who might not have design experience at all, to leverage world-class 3D design tools. Because these tools previously required expensive software licenses and specialized training, 3D design was limited to how they could be used. PixCap democratizes 3D content creation and allows it to be developed for a much wider range of commercial applications.

In addition to 3D scene editing, PixCap significantly improves upon its previous version’s 3D animations and allows users to rapidly fine-tune animations, simplifying a typically lengthy process. 

PixCap’s upgraded, more intuitive 3D creation and editing interface

Teams can now also collaborate on projects at the same time by accessing work-in-progress projects concurrently and sharing feedback through the platform’s commenting tool. The final images or animation scenes can be exported unlimited times in various formats, such as images (JPG, PNG), videos (MP4, GIF), and 3D files (GLB, FBX). 

PixCap uses a freemium pricing model, offering a free tier for beginners and a range of monthly and annual pricing plans for individual users, design professionals and enterprises depending on their usage needs. The PixCap platform is continuously updated and improved, which means users can expect the rollout of new features over time including more team collaboration functions, user contributions to PixCap’s library of 3D templates and models, and more.

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