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Today it is absolutely useless to explain the benefits of mobile applications that modern users can enjoy. We all know how apps installed on our smartphones and tablets can facilitate and streamline a lot of processes and tasks for us. Nevertheless, in this article, we’d like to focus on the advantages that businesses can get after launching such a product targeted at their external audience.

The number of solutions that are available to users on app marketplaces is really impressive. In 2022 only, global app downloads reached the mark of 255 billion. But if you are considering the possibility of launching an application for your business needs, it will be much more important to pay attention not only to this figure but also to the potential revenues that you can get. Average consumer spend on mobile apps per smartphone was at the level of around $4.86 in the third quarter of 2022.

In general, the demand for custom mobile development is steadily growing which can be viewed as an indicator of a continuously increasing interest in mobile products from the side of both companies and their customers.

So, why is it beneficial for businesses to launch their own mobile apps?

Easier and faster interaction with clients

A mobile app can act as a bridge between companies and clients. First of all, you can easily send important information to all the users of your application at the same time. It can be done either via push notifications or via in-app messages. Secondly, you can allow users to contact your team directly from the app. For people, it will be much more convenient to send you a message or even just take a phone number from the app and reach you than try to find any contact details on their own.

Moreover, when you need to gather your clients’ opinions on some topics, you can always conduct an in-app survey. Thanks to it, you can not only quickly gather but also process a lot of useful data.

Excellent marketing tool

Very often marketing efforts can require significant investments. With a mobile app, you can reduce such expenses. When you are launching a new product or are preparing a set of special offers, you can use your mobile application as one of the core advertising platforms which will allow you to quickly reach a wide audience of your customers.

Increased customer loyalty

A mobile app can also be one of the tools for boosting your customer loyalty. One of the factors that have a strong impact on your audience satisfaction is a stable and sincere connection with your brand. As we’ve already mentioned, this goal can be easily achieved with the help of a mobile application. Moreover, via an app, you can build your loyalty programs which will motivate your customers to stay with you.

Access to valuable business data

Information is one of the most crucial business resources. The more you know about your clients, the better services and products you can offer to them as you have a great opportunity to adjust them to people’s needs and expectations. An app can become a great source of this data. Thanks to the accumulated information, you will be able to see how people interact with your app, what products attract the biggest attention, and how much time users spend in different sections of the application.

What’s more, thanks to such analytics, you can also highly personalize your content and special offers in order to make sure that each user will get exactly what he or she needs and wants.

Lower operating costs

Despite the fact that app development and maintenance are always associated with some costs, in general, mobile solutions can help significantly decrease other expenses. The exact benefits are industry- or even company-specific. For example, after launching a ticket booking app for the needs of your clients, you do not have to work with a huge staff who will deal with ticketing. Everything will be done automatically. By building a mobile store and encouraging people to buy more via your app, you can decrease your expenses related to the rent of physical facilities. 


Today a mobile app launched by a company can help it to get an additional competitive advantage and successfully occupy the winning positions in the market (but of course, only under the condition that an application is built in full accordance with the needs of the target audience and demonstrates excellent reliability and high performance). However, given the market tendencies, it will be absolutely reasonable to suppose that in the future, a mobile application as a channel of interaction between businesses and their clients will become a standard and even a must-have for many industries. That’s why we recommend you deeply analyze the market situation in your niche and study your customers’ demands in order not to miss the chance to launch a reliable and feature-rich mobile application before your rivals do it.

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