Starting a Business in Tulsa, Oklahoma: Digital Marketing Tips for Success


Tulsa is often called the oil capital of the world. It has a reputation for being a major player in energy and is home to several major oil and gas companies.

The city also boasts several key industries, such as Aerospace and Aviation, with companies such as American Airlines, Spirit, and Northern Group having a big presence here.

Tulsa, like many other US cities, also has a rapidly growing startup field. The low cost of living makes it an excellent home base for entrepreneurs before they expand to other locations. 

In today’s article, we are going to look at how digital marketing can play a key role for up-and-coming business owners in the fine city of Tulsa.

The Importance of Market Research

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In-depth market research is something that is imperative for any business to succeed. This is true for any city and any location in the world. Learning about your target audience is the first step in being able to create an effective marketing plan.

The easiest way to conduct market research as a new player is to hire an experienced third-party firm. They will be able to provide you with data and demographics that can be crucial in determining the style of digital marketing you will need to employ. 

For instance, the median age group of residents in Tulsa is about 35. With just this one piece of information, it is now possible to select marketing strategies that have been found to be more effective for such an age group.

Market research is also a vital part of determining the actual need for your product and the opportunity for growth.

The Role of A Good Website and a Solid Digital Marketing Strategy

Once you have conducted sufficient market research, the next step would be to create an attractive website and begin to work on your marketing strategy in a more concrete way.

The sort of website you create can impact your business’s success tremendously. During your market research, you might have already found data that will help you design a compelling business website. 

Part of the research that would contribute to this would be looking at the online presence of the local competition and identifying successful Tulsa web design trends. 

Analyzing the aspects that go into your competitor’s websites can be extremely helpful in creating your own unique style. 

It also gives you the opportunity to address areas that your competition has overlooked. 

Aspects like design, fonts, and minimalistic vs. in-your-face aesthetics all need to be discussed with your web designer in order to find that sweet spot.

The landing page of your website, especially the quality of the copy, needs to be written and presented in such a manner that it appeals to local residents. 

If you are hoping to attract clients from other parts of the country or even the world, this would require additional thought and planning. Targeting a national and international audience would obviously involve adjusting the website and its content.

Just like how you analyzed the online presence of your competition, you should also look at the marketing strategies that seem to be most effective in the city. In most cases, you don’t want to stray too far from established approaches. Of course, you would need to make slight variations according to your business niche.

For instance, if your competition seems to have a lot of success with local SEO strategies, then you should also look into setting up your Google Business Profile and encourage your clients to leave positive reviews. It can give your business a major boost. 

Remember, finding success in this early stage often involves providing great value for money along with exceptional customer service.

Get Familiar With Laws and Regulations in Tulsa

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While this isn’t directly related to digital marketing, it is something that all entrepreneurs in the city should remember. Typically there are five main areas to keep in mind in terms of being compliant with government regulations. 

These include:

  1. Obtaining the right business licenses
  2. Being aware of zoning laws 
  3. Being aware of employment laws 
  4. Understanding the taxes you will need to pay
  5. Understanding environmental regulations 


Starting a business in Tulsa can be an exciting prospect for many entrepreneurs. Utilizing effective digital marketing to gain an edge can work wonders for a new business, and it is foolish not to take advantage of digital marketers, SEO firms, and social media influencers.

A proper business website and a solid digital marketing campaign are two powerful ways that entrepreneurs can use to find success. Of course, all this depends on if enough market research and preparation has occurred, which is key.

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