Top Animation Companies to Check Out in 2022


Business animations are about sharing stories, connecting with the target audience, educating them, and bringing them into your conversion funnel. However, where most video production companies claim’ to provide all the aforementioned features in their videos, only some really do!

If you run a business and looking for an animation company to share your story, You are at the right place. With quality and skill that will turn even the dullest topics into an engaging and converting video, the following are the Top video animation companies you need to check out now!

1. Kasra Design

Making quality animations since 2011, Kasra Design is an award-winning animation company with more than 800 successful animation projects under its belt.

In the 11 years, Kasra Design has worked with some of the industry’s leading bands. Pepsico, Intel, Shell, Dell, and Visa are a few to name, among the other Fortune 500 companies.

The company has also won numerous awards and accolades, including the Leading Asia Video Agency Award, Best Animation- Independent Film Awards, “Video of the Day” in Motion Design Awards in 2022, and many more.

The creative team of Kasra Design specializes in a bunch of different animation types, including 2D, 3D, 2.5D, stop motion, motion graphics and even collage animation.

With an extensive portfolio and a long list of successful projects for different industries, you can trust Kasra Design for any business related video, from corporate to explainers and anything in between.

2. Demo Duck

An excellent animation video is about a powerful script and engaging aesthetics, and Demo Duck knows it well. With stunning visuals and videos that rely more on the story and less on technicalities, the creative team of Demo Duck converts even the most boring topics into engaging pieces that will capture and convert, no matter who your audience is and what you want to share.

Demo Duck possesses expertise in different animation types, including 2D, stop motion, and motion graphics. Some of their biggest clients include Netflix, Canon, UNHCR, Discovery, and GEICO.

3. Vidico

Vidico is another animation company that focuses on creating amazing animations, from 2D to motion graphics and anything in between. They also have great expertise in making live-action videos if that’s your thing.

The agency provide a bunch of fantastic video services, including explainer videos, crowdfunding videos, case study videos, brand videos, and many more. Vindico works on tested storytelling models that have yielded results for hundreds of videos. Thus, you can be sure what you’ll get as an end product.

4. Switch Video

Switch video is an animation company that strictly keeps its sphere of services to businesses, big, small, and full-fledged startups. With the motivation to break down even the most complicated topics into their simplest form, Switch Video uses the power of animation to expose your brand to a broad audience.

Apart from providing top-notch animation, what keeps them at the top is their work ethic. Switch Video team is extremely deadline-oriented and ensures to keep the client informed and involved in every single project step. The project flow is as smooth and straightforward as it could get!

5. Epipheo

Epipheo is among the first agencies that started offering explainer video and series services and is also mentioned as one of the top 15 animation companies in the video business.

Due to extensive experience in creating 2D animation, Epipheo has aced the art of creating power 2D animations and has crafted a very careful production process that focuses mainly on client satisfaction.

Their primary focus is simplifying complicated topics to their most straightforward form while turning them into a story that inspires and engages the audience most effectively, no matter which industry you work in.

6. Explainify

Well, almost contrary to every philosophy the companies mentioned above convey, Explainify believes in getting across the message, not the story.

That seems weird, right? Turns out the approach has been working like a charm for the them. They make short videos with a concise message that won’t bore the heck out of someone and can be understood by a nine years old. That too, without any compromise on the visuals.

The best thing is, they do this without dumbing down the video…at all! Thus, the end product is short, compelling, concise, and highly targeted, keeping ultimate persuasion as its center.

7. Mana

“Banish boring, reject the ordinary” is the motto that defines Mana’s work ethic and creative approach. With a more cinematic and aesthetically pleasing take on business videos, they make engaging and convincing animations without losing their originality to the conventional norms of business videos.

If you want your animation video to be all about pushing boundaries, Mana is a company you would like to work with. The company has an award-winning team that knows the ins and outs of what it takes to make a great animation.

8. Yans Media

Yans Media is a video animation company from the Middle East specializing in various animation and production styles. However, they are at their best when it comes to 2D, 3D, and stop-motion.

The award-winning creative team of Yans media ensures that every second of your video is an absolute masterclass and fully resonates with your brand motive.

That’s among the many reasons why the agency is among the few top-rated animation companies in the middle east and one of the best in the world.


As simple as it seems, video animation is highly complex, especially when it comes to business videos. The audience is different for every video, the approach is different, and practically, everything is different in each new project.

To make a video that converts, hiring a company that specializes in your industry or is highly experienced and has similar projects is extremely important. Moreover, the company’s reputation is also necessary to increase your chances of success.

That said, we compiled the best video animation companies in video animation. All the selected options have a diverse portfolio, with numerous successful projects and awards under their belt.

We hope our list has helped find you the right fit for your next video marketing campaign. Good luck!

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