Top UX and UI design trends in 2022


The technological innovation is getting traction. So, you need to ride this wave as it is the crucial key to making any digital product successful in 2022. However, consider that it won’t be so easy. This undertaking requires a lot of innovativeness and creativity, which have to be balanced with all the market requirements and trends, as well as the actual needs of the end-users. That is what digital company Cieden does, creating data-driven UI UX design services.

To make your business look exceptional, you should always keep up with the market developments and novelties. Moreover, it is essential to track competitors’ progress. These actions are vital to be taken to improve both the visual appearance and user experience of your digital product. That is why Cieden has prepared for you the most common and top UI and UX design trends in 2022.

Dark Mode

Open your browser. Or Messenger. Have you noticed anything? The dark mode of web pages and apps has become so popular that people have created a special app you can download if some online service doesn’t have a dark theme!

The reasons people tend to choose this mode are not only related to a beautiful design. Such a design solution saves your battery life, reduces eye strain, and eliminates blue lights.

Designers should definitely opt for this feature and consider the fact that all color and font solutions should be adaptable to both dark and light modes.

Bold, Customized, or Hypersized Typography

Of course, the overall design of that or another page should be in harmony. However, more and more companies choose big-sized, bold, and specific typography. In terms of UX and UI design, it means that the creator adjusts such a unique approach to the overall design of a product to make it look compound and integral. The best cases of this trend are represented in such brands as Nike, Dropbox, and Drift.


You must have seen the way pages change while you’re scrolling down it. UX and UI designers started using this approach a few years ago. However, animations seem to stay with us for a long time. It is a great way to make your pages or mobile apps look more interactive.

Moreover, designers and developers do not have a need to use banners or modals as animation does its job perfectly well, conveying all the needed messages and information to users. They are able to create a refined and neat appearance of a product, improving the user experience.

Retro Style Is Back

After years of minimalism, black-and-white palette, and simplified designs, a lot of designers are going back to basics. Old-school designs, bright and colorful patterns, and retro style are making a comeback!

The year 2022 is going to brighten up your web pages and mobile apps with a cheerful retro design solution. The interaction with users is to become fun and funny sometimes. This way, your customers will be left with only positive emotions, remember your brand, and have bright memories of it.

Make It Localized

We’ve been living in a world of diversity. Multiculturalism has already become a part of our work, daily life, and online experience. Therefore, designers tend to take demographic, cultural, ethnic, and psychological differences into account when creating digital products.

Such an approach has simplified the process of pleasing customers and generating more leads. If your brand is aimed at a specific audience, we recommend using this solution to gain more traction and ensure a positive user experience. As you could have noticed, UX UI design trends go far beyond technical and creative features and consider human psychology in general.


How many likes have you put today for your friends’ photos? Have you ever paid attention to these tiny features that involve us in a product?

Likes, reactions, gestures, shares, etc., are all types of micro-interactions. This design trend is regarded as one of the most circulated in creating mobile apps. Users get a more inclusive experience, can’t stop using your app, and spread the word making your app even more popular.

Native Apps for Desktop

When developing a digital product, you should remember that users tend to trust and use your service more when there’s a native app available.

People are busy all the time, constantly opening many tabs, and always in a rush. This way, they may easily lose the tab with your brand’s page. That is why native apps are among the top UX UI design trends in 2022. We all need to adjust to the world’s changes and requirements. Fitting your users is a half of success.

One more reason for designing and developing a custom app is that you make your users feel safer and comfier. Notifications are not missed as they come directly to the desktop. Consider implementing it in your product!


This feature will always be trendy! Companies will never stop looking for different ways to enhance user experience and improve the user interface. New metrics appear, and you need to adjust them to meet the needs of your business.

Pay close attention to loading times, visual stability, and interaction durations. Google considers these metrics to be crucial in 2022.

Make It Simple

Even though the sophisticated retro design is taking over, the whole architecture of the website or app should be both easy-to-use and functional.

It may seem like a challenging goal to reach. However, designers combine simplicity, functionality, and colorful design in one project. Thus, users find your digital product attractive and can easily navigate through it.


These are the top design trends we wanted to share with us. Nevertheless, we shouldn’t forget that everything is changing so quickly that it may happen so that other trends may appear during the year. Anyway, providing the best user experience possible should be your key task in 2022! We advise you to keep up with the latest news in this industry and be brave to embrace them! To make your digital product work smoothly and look stunning, start cooperation with a reliable and inventive software partner like Cieden. Due to more than 100 completed projects, their approach has been recognized as 100% proficient. They can put all the trends in your project into practice, be it a startup or a big corporation. Their comprehensive approach leads to building design thinking frameworks with state-of-the-art business analytics and developing complex B2B and B2C SaaS solutions.

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