Using Mobile Proxies to Protect Your Site – Things You Need to Know

Hacking and data breaches are serious concerns for internet users of this age. As business owners, it’s essential to take all the necessary measures for the protection of confidential business information.

Recently, there has been a rise in what is termed mobile proxy’. These work like other proxies by replacing your IP address and maintaining anonymity. However, there are key differences that distinguish them from other forms of proxies available. Here is all you need to know about mobile proxies in brief.

1. What Is A Mobile Proxy?

A mobile proxy is an intermediary server that hides the user’s real IP address by making it seem that the user is connected to mobile data either through a 3G or a 4G connection.

This portable device is usually a smartphone or a tablet. A mobile proxy protects your sensitive and personal information from outsiders. Here, rotating IP addresses are passed through 3G/4G connected devices thus all your browsing requests pass through this second IP address instead of your real one, thus keeping you anonymous.

The network of mobile proxies uses real IP addresses making them authentic yet untraceable. You can simply connect to your country of choice, and your IP address will show accordingly. The extreme anonymity has made them a popular choice among scammers.

2. Why Do You Need Mobile Proxies?

Mobile proxies are exclusively used to protect information as well as online activity from hackers. However, there is more to it than data protection. It allows for a fast cache storage system which disables direct downloads and makes your internet faster.

Mobile proxies can also bypass geo-restrictions and allow access to region-restricted content. Additionally, they can also be used to manage multiple social media accounts by providing various IP addresses to different social media managers to avoid IP bans.

Furthermore, they also prevent web scraping practices by preventing access to scraping bots on websites. They also effectively prevent Ad scams by hiding the identity of the user’s real business. As the fraudsters are unable to trace back the source of the traffic, the user is protected against fraud.

3. Mobile Proxy for Businesses – How Does it Work?

Data collection is imperative in any business, given its invaluable contribution to several important decision-making processes. However, manual data collection can be time-consuming, and relying on web scraping alone isn’t enough given rivals’ restricted access.

Web scraping is a helpful method for businesses to extract useful information to gain an against competitors. However, this can lead to restrictions and blacklistings for the company. One way to overcome this is to use web scraping tools in combination with mobile proxies to obtain all required data without hassle.

Mobile proxies mask your IP address and extract data from websites without restrictions.

4. What About Free Mobile Proxies?

Free mobile proxy is available but not recommended. This is because high-quality mobile proxies require a lot of work. The provider needs to collect multiple devices to build a network such that the device works as a proxy when connected to mobile data.

Chances are that free mobile proxies aren’t ethical, and you risk trading money for poor quality. They are likely to use blocked IP addresses or cheap data center ones.

5. How is a Mobile Proxy Different From Other Proxies?

Mobile proxies use their mobile proxy servers where the IP address is provided by the mobile service owner. On the other hand, other proxies like residential, public, dedicated, private, and others depend on PCs or other servers.

Though all proxies change IP addresses to make yours undetectable, mobile proxies can be faster than any other proxies. They allow for dynamic IPs that change every two minutes, making them impossible to detect. Additionally, 4G mobile proxies assign the same IP address to multiple users through NAT technology, so it is impossible to see whether bots or humans access data.

6. Use Cases Of Mobile Proxies

Here are some other ways mobile proxies prove useful for users.

Managing and gathering data from social media

If you are a multinational company or want to cater to users around the world, mobile proxies are necessary. All social media platforms engage users through content that is region-specific. For instance, if you are in the UK, you may find it difficult to access your American account without access to a local American feed.

Mobile proxies can easily overcome this issue and simultaneously allow you to access information across several regions.

Ad verification

Ad verification is an important aspect of marketing and branding. You need to ensure that your ads appear on credible sites. The best way to determine the credibility of your ad is by publishing it to the local audience.

5 Benefits Of Mobile Proxies For Your Business

If you aren’t convinced, here are five more reasons why you should switch to mobile proxies. Let’s look at all of them in brief:

Real IP addresses

Mobile proxies rotate IP addresses by default so your business is less likely to be banned. This saves you a considerable amount of downtime which you cannot afford to lose as a business that relies heavily on web scraping.


Mobile networks are always available hence you can always rely on the availability of mobile IP addresses since, they work in real-time without getting blacklisted, they are an ideal choice of proxy compared to other types.

Seamless Surfing Experience

If you are browsing casually, CAPTCHAs can be annoying. Although, for business owners, it is the bane of their existence for web scraping. Mobile proxies bypass these online bots checkpoints and make for a smooth browsing experience for both parties.

Enhanced Privacy and Security

Online privacy and security are the most important issues in today’s internet age, especially regarding confidential business information. Mobile proxies ensure that your browsing experience is anonymous and safe, eliminating any trace of your activity.

Improved Performance

Mobile proxies allow caching of data which speeds up your connection and enhancing your surfing experience significantly.


Mobile proxies allow for safe and anonymous browsing, which is essential for businesses to gather important information when web scraping. As the population of smartphone users rises, businesses must target to keep up with trends by incorporating the use of mobile proxies.

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