What you cannot Afford to forget in the Design of Your Website

Websites are still an important part of the digital life of a company. It serves as the main information source on its products and services, and often as the first outlet where to buy from them. If you have to redo your site or you are launching a new one, here a few things you absolutely need to find on it.

A Direct Link to the Customer Service

It is difficult to acquire new customers. When you find them, they need to be provided with a royal treatment. If they have to spend two hours searching across your website, in order to find out how to reach customer service, it may be one less person buying from you, in the future. Also, you need to enable new potential clients to ask all the questions they may have, rapidly. The best way is to create a direct link towards an interactive voice response from Aircall. This will open a call towards your customer service, which will be answered no matter what time of day or night it is, by the system itself. If it can’t find all the answers to the questions that are asked, and no one is available to talk at that precise moment, it will take a message so someone can take care of replying, the very next business day. 

Frequent Calls to Action

This has become the key word for websites, in the last few years, and it intensified in 2022. The tendency is to place one on every page of the website. It can be related to various actions. The most frequent one is to provide an e-mail, so that the customer can receive the company’s newsletter in the future. The other one that is most seen on any website, is without a doubt. The theory is that if you don’t tell the client that he needs to continue is process of creating a relationship with your firm, chances are that he won’t do it by himself. Which is why you need to insist by having one call to action, on every page. 

A Link to Your Social Media Accounts

The internet enables a company to communicate on everything that it wants to, at any time. However, customers have become very picky on which channel they prefer to read, listen or view the latest news that interest them. And so, you cannot afford to miss out on any of them. Of course, you can place on your pages the little logos that we see everywhere of Facebook, Instagram and all the other social media apps, but you can also include YouTube videos, by inserting them right on your website. This way, people viewing them can also see the other ones that are already posted on your account, by following your username that appears below the video. 

Not forgetting anything on a website means that you should definitely look into what your competitors are doing as well. Anything they have on theirs, should be better on yours. 

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