Why Should You Add a Watermark to Your Photos?


Wondering why adding a watermark to your photos is crucial before sharing and uploading them online? You must get the copyright of the image so that only you have permission to use it. Additionally, experts suggest adding watermarks to photos to get help with branding efforts.

There are different types of watermarks. Some brand uses their logos, like art signature, as watermarks, while others add the name of their company in different fonts. Which one is best for your business depends on the images you share and their purpose. If you truly want to protect your pictures, you need a simple design like an art signature.

Before you start designing a watermark and using it for your images, let’s learn the benefits of watermarks and how you can use them for your pictures.

Why are Watermarks Important?

Well, first, understand what is a watermark. It is an image, text, or overlay that you place over a digital asset. Typically, the image will be transparent and monochromatic, allowing others to view the asset easily.

Securing pictures, brand content, and social media posts with watermarks is crucial to claim ownership and protecting content. Your digital assets are susceptible to unauthorized use or theft if you don’t use watermarks. Here are some lesser-known benefits of watermarks:

Asset Protection

Watermarks help protect your visual files and images from being stolen, altered, or used without your permission. This way, you can avoid people claiming your assets which can lead to loss.

Brand Consistency

Watermarks help to keep your business safe. When a picture has a watermark, no one causes misuse it. Watermarks are used when pictures are only for viewing instead of sharing.

Increased ROI

Watermarking is important if you want to earn money from your pictures. They can help you increase ROI by protecting digital assets and providing a secure update, distribution, or repurpose.

Ensures You Get the Credit

In an age of digital world where images are frequently pinned, posted, and redistributed multiple times, adding a watermark to your photos ensures that you enjoy getting due credit for all your hard work. This helps you promote your business and grow in the industry.

This is not only about the credit. If you don’t incorporate watermarks, you will miss any opportunity to generate passive income from your quality assets. In fact, someone else can sell your captures and sue you for using them. Therefore, you must get credit for all your digital assets.

Guards You Against Unauthorized Printing

Many baby and wedding photographers get a significant part of their income from selling prints to their customers. Since photographers charge a percentage for each picture, it’s understandable that they don’t want their clients to just visit their page and print whatever pictures they want.

Not only will they use the image without authorization, but they will also print in low absolution. When they use these low-quality pictures for any purpose, it can impact the photographer’s image.

Use Logos to Watermark Your Pictures

An art signature logo works great as a watermark for your digital assets. Though they will be transparent, they are visible enough to tell the pictures that belong to you. A signature logo can watermark different digital assets like social media graphic posts, photographs, website content, Gifs, and different content.

While there are different types of logos that you can use, of them all, signature logos are best, especially for watermarks. They are elegant and simple, don’t disturb the image, and have intricate details. You can also easily adjust their color, size, and opacity based on your picture.

Where Should You Place A Watermark On Your Picture?

Generally, designers prefer to position watermarks at the bottom right corner of the image. This will prevent the watermark from impacting the beauty of an image. However, placing watermarks in any of the four corners will make it easier for thieves to simply crop it out. If you want to protect your pictures, you must learn to use them correctly. Whether it’s an art signature logo or a symbol logo, it’s important to consider its placement.

The best and simplest way to secure your images is to add a watermark right in the center of the image. Make sure your signature logo watermark covers a minimum of 30 percent of your image. Don’t worry; your clients can easily view it. With semi-transparent watermarks, viewers don’t lose their focus on the picture.

Bottom Line

In a nutshell, watermarks are the only way to protect your images from being used without giving you due credit. It allows you to secure the opportunity to earn money from it and get much-deserved appreciation from your clients. So, if you have a photography business, want to sell your images, or have a company that shares images with clients, you need to start incorporating watermarks. Opt for any watermark, such as the art signature logo, to protect your digital assets.


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