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Videos consist of audio and visual components. Between these two, visuals have been considered by both content creators and viewers of greater importance. The sound and background music are often underappreciated or sometimes even unnoticed.

In reality, audio is as important as the visual part of your video; it can also make or break your video. Because of this, you must ensure to have high-quality audio that complements your video’s imagery. An effective audio editor is what you need to make this possible.

Wave video is a free online video editor that also offers audio trimming services. You will find the MP3 trimmer to be extremely helpful in enhancing audio and creating amazing videos. Continue reading to learn how to trim an MP3 file.

How to Use Wave’s Audio Trimmer

Trimming an audio file on Wave video is quick and hassle-free. It will only take a few minutes, so it will not eat up much of your time. Here’s how:

  1. Sign into Wave video

Before starting, log into your Wave video account. You can use Facebook, Twitter, Google, or Apple to sign in. Although it is not required, signing into your account is advantageous so that you can access your online projects on any device, and they are automatically saved.

  1. Import the Audio

Go to Wave’s audio trimmer by selecting “Tools” on the main menu and clicking “See all” under “Audio Tools.” You will see “Trim Audio” at the bottom of the free online audio editing tools. You will be redirected to the Audio Trimmer page Upload your MP3 file in Wave video editor. If you’re going to import audio from YouTube, check out these YouTube to MP3 converters. Once the audio is ready, you must already be in the workspace where you will trim the audio. Alternatively, you can also select audio tracks from Wave’s stock library.

  1. Trim the audio

It’s time to start trimming the audio. It’s easy to trim the audio if you simply want to cut it to make it shorter. Go to the end of the audio track and drag the play head to the left until the part you want to delete. Similarly, if you want to remove parts at the beginning of the audio, drag the starting play head of the track to the right up to the point you want to cut.

On the other hand, if you want to split the audio file into multiple clips, do the following steps. First, select the point where you want to make an audio cut. Next, click the scissor icon on top of the storyboard. This should split your audio into two parts. Now you can trim the audio by dragging it accordingly. You can create multiple splits as needed to generate the perfect audio file for your video.

  1. Export the audio

Before you download your edited audio, make sure to listen to it from beginning to end to make sure that everything is according to plan. Once done, click “Download” then choose the appropriate file type to begin exporting.

Why Do You Need an Audio Trimmer?

Here’s why you need an online MP3 trimmer for your next video editing project.

Audio is key to persuasion and trust

An article in the University of Southern California News revealed that audio quality has a huge impact on people’s trust. Viewers can either believe or reject information depending on whether the video has good or poor sound quality. This only goes to show that audio reflects credibility and authority.

If you want to create a reliable video, you have to edit your MP3 file to match your content. Use Wave video’s online MP3 trimmer to cut out parts of the audio that makes it less reliable and credible. You can also trim your sound if it contains too much information rendering it longer than expected. Select only the most important parts.

Poor visual with good audio is acceptable

When you watch a pirated movie, you understand that the visuals will be dissatisfactory, usually pixelated and blurry. However, you are able to tolerate it as long as it has good audio. This is an example of how great audio can improve your video. In fact, according to Voice Over Herald, “audio is the most important ingredient in any immersive experience.”

Relevant to this, you will need an MP3 trimmer online to make sure that you have perfectly timed audio. Trimming blank parts and adjusting the audio timing so that it matches the visuals will help retain your viewers, even though the visuals are mediocre.

Are You Ready to Trim Your Audio?

There are many reasons why high-quality audio is an important aspect of your video. As a content creator, you must not only think of the sound quality. You must also consider the audio content and timing. Make sure your audio does not have unnecessary blank parts that will make your video boring and questionable.

Because of these, an MP3 audio trimmer is a highly valuable tool, especially for content creators. Create stunning videos with impeccable audio today with Wave online video editor.


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