10 Assets from the Inspirational Textures & Elements Collection

This new download for Access All Areas members is an exclusive sample pack that isn’t available anywhere else! Design Cuts and French Kiss Collections have collaborated to create The Complete Inspirational Textures & Elements Collection, a unique selection of authentic resources to create beautiful designs, enhance your photography, or use for scrapbooking! This exclusive sample pack includes 10 beautiful elements from the collection to help you create layered designs with depth and impact. Inside you will find a variety of hand-made textures, overlays, graphics, and more.

The Complete Inspirational Textures & Elements Collection was 5 months in the making and incorporates hundreds of assets including some of the largest textures and elements available on the market. Carefully crafted to ensure a balanced selection of assets that compliments one another, this pack provides maximum versatility. Pick up the full collection for $39, or with a 50% discount when you buy 4 or more additional products from the Design Cuts Marketplace.

Get up to 50% off the full Textures & Elements Pack

This pack is designed to give you a real working glimpse into this special product, available only to Spoon Graphics Access All Areas members. 10 elements have been hand-picked to provide a variety of textures and graphics to help you create layered designs with depth and impact. All assets are supplied as JPG or PNG files, which are widely supported in all creative software.

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