4 Reasons Why Website Translation Is Important to UX

In the modern world, the internet is the king, and it rules the global economy along with another important actor, which is the customer. Ensuring that customers have the best experience online or with digital tools (any kind of software) has already become a form of art pursued by many. While many developer companies appear to make huge success by developing a wonderful UI/UX design, many of them still manage to miss the obvious, which is the translation of their product.

The Best Experience is Multilingual Experience

People like it when they understand everything that’s going on around them, and the digital environment is not an exception. Quite an old study from 2012 has shown that people do love it when companies reach out to them using their native language. The results of the study were confirmed many times after that, showing that customers like being spoken in their language to the degree that they would prefer such an option to discounts and other benefits.

But how does that work with UX? Considering that UX design is responsible for the user experience at all levels, from navigation to font choice to localization, the involvement of language becomes quite obvious. As you speak to your customers in their language, you play by their rules and give them what they want, which are some of the crucial elements of a great user experience. More particularly, the experts of the knowledge base from TranslateHub gathered the four main reasons why translation is vital for developing a successful UX design. If these worked for many prominent companies, they’d work for you as well.

4 Main Reasons Why Website Translation Is Important to UX

  1. Greater reach. Obviously, the more languages your website can speak, the more people it attracts. And depending on what language you choose, the increase in visitors might be as high as 50% in quite a short time. And suppose you manage to nail other components of your UX. In that case, you have good chances of increasing your conversion rates almost proportionally, which is economically advantageous as even the best certified translation services by TranslationReport might not cost a fortune. This works especially well when you start and if you start in a region where several ethnic groups divide the general population. Even if you start with a bilingual website, this can bring you lots of traffic and revenue.
  2. Effective SEO. Search engine optimization is a thing that you probably heard about a lot when listening or reading about website improvements. Yes, there are many benefits of proper SEO approaches for website owners, but how does it work for UX, and what does translation have to do about all of it? The answer is simple, being able to find your website easily, the user starts off with a great user experience. And if this user is from another country, they will likely search using their native language. You get the idea. At the same time, successful search results in different languages accumulate and influence different versions of your website, making them easier to find in multiple languages.
  3. Increased trust. Having a sense that they can trust you and your website is a huge part of the user experience. When your customer gets to your website and starts surfing through it, they should feel safe to focus on what they need. And if they find it easily, you can consider your UX design nailed. Multilingual support is the key here as it makes sure the customer understands everything that’s going on and can navigate easily, which, of course, increases trust.
  4. Competitive advantage. It’s great when your UX design is better than your competitors’ for both you and your customers. For yourself, you get all the good things of positive customer experience and broad online reach. The customer finally gets the translated and, thus, more comfortable substitute of your competitor. So, translating your website is simply a win-win situation.

Designing a Trademark UX

Ensuring your customers have the best user experience possible is a must in today’s highly competitive and digitized world. While there are many ways to attract customers, a well-built website that is easy and comfortable to use is definitely one of the first steps. If you think about, in 2021, your potential customers are likely to find you through the web. Making their first impression their best by optimizing your website to the maximum should be your prime goal.

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