5 Awesome Web Design Tools for Pro Designers

Designers have endless tools to create beautiful websites. However, not all tools cut the mark! Pro designers have a few specific weapons in their arsenal to woo their clients. These web design tools make your work easy and provide advanced features. 

Today, we are going to present the best web design tools for you to check out. Make sure you arrange these wonderful tools for web designers before you accept your next client. 

5 Best Web Design Tools for Creating the Best Websites

Remember, every website is different.

For instance, we can also look at how you rent a house. You can rent a two-bedroom but the price you will pay will depend on which area you are looking to rent in, and whether you are looking for a normal apartment or a luxury apartment.

The same goes for creating your web design. Your web design tools determine how great your website will be.

1. WordPress

WordPress is the most popular tool to create stunning websites. WordPress powers 63.5% of websites and provides various solutions. You can go for WordPress hosting and even use it for website design. 

WordPress comes with countless themes and plugins to design your website. You can find themes for different industries and use drag-and-drop to customize your interface. Ranging from blogging to ecommerce, WordPress has built-in themes for all. 

Additionally, WordPress lets designers create websites for both small businesses and enterprises. 

The WordPress website development platform is quite user-friendly and easy to navigate. Designers can build websites even without knowing to code. However, you may need to spend a bit of time with the tool if you are a new user. 

Another good thing about WordPress is you get a content management system or CMS with the tool. You can write, edit, and upload content on your website conveniently. 

WordPress is ideal for SEO, and you can also use SEO plugins. It’s one of the best tools that eliminate the need for other web design tools. 


  • A range of themes and plugins
  • Easy to use
  • A big community for support


  • Beginners may feel overwhelmed

2. Movavi Screen Recorder

Movavi Screen Recorder is a great tool for many professionals. Web designers will find ample use of the software to track and share work progress. Additionally, teachers, writers, and video creators can also use the tool to capture screen and streamings.

Movavi comes with a screen recorder you can use for your work. You can create a video of designing the website by including keystrokes and mouse movement. Moreover, you can also capture the audio via a microphone or record system sounds. 

Designers can also use Movavi to record video calls of clients. It is easy to remember instructions when you can refer to them repeatedly. You can even record live streams as a video for reference.

Additionally, Movavi is a good solution to create training videos and share feedback. Web designers who manage a team can send video recordings, especially while working remotely. 

Movavi also lets you edit your recordings using simple tools. You don’t need any editing skills for the job. Designers can also share recordings via social media or YouTube. 


  • Versatile tool
  • Captures almost anything
  • Edit your videos


  • The free version has watermarks

3. InVision Studio

InVision Studio is one of the best tools for web designers. It’s perfect for creating cutting-edge interfaces that awe users and demand appreciation. Designers can use a plethora of advanced to build appealing web UI and responsive websites. Additionally, the tool allows designers to go for rapid prototyping. 

Many web designers use InVision Studio as their primary tool. You can create complex web page interfaces with rather a simplicity. On top of that, designers can also create cool animations to make websites stand out. 

The software comes with templates and themes developed by designers. So, you can always expect creativity at its best. Plus, InVision has worked to bring the best graphics resources to its platform. Naturally, the tool is quite popular with web designers. 

InVision Studio is even a great tool for collaboration. You can invite other team members to work with you on your project. Clients can also review designs and comment directly on your design, like a Word document. 

Maybe you won’t need anything else once you get InVision Studio on your list. 


  • Great for rapid prototyping
  • Edit vectors effectively
  • Good customer support


4. Sketch

You can consider Sketch as the advanced version of InVision Studio. The tool was developed specifically for designing websites and apps. As a result, you don’t find unnecessary clutter or features crowding the screen. 

Sketch is a powerful web design tool for prototyping. You can work with your team using a cloud platform for super convenience. No wonder more than a million people use Sketch to design websites and products. 

Sketch is also the most-user-friendly tool out there. It is very simple and not complicated, like Photoshop. You can use a simple grid-based interface to design your website in less time. Additionally, editing files or changing parameters are quite effortless. Moreover, the file sizes are also less compared to Photoshop. 

Sketch has a number of plugins to help you design stellar web pages. You can also get plugins to streamline your workflow. The tool also lets you scale your designs, with responsive elements automatically helping you out. 

Countless leading businesses use Sketch, including Google, Facebook, and Porsche. You can also count on Sketch to win over your clients without exception!


  • Made for web design
  • Ample plugins
  • User-friendly


  • Only supports Mac systems

5. Adobe XD

Adobe XD is one of the ideal web design tools for people used to the Adobe ecosystem. However, Adobe has given it a makeover for the new-age feel. It appears and functions like most wireframing and prototyping tools. But you have a lot of perks, which we reveal below. 

Adobe XD easily integrates with Adobe Creative Cloud. So, you can use any tools like Illustrator or Photoshop along with XD. Designers can take advantage of Adobe features to develop stunning UI and UX.

Adobe XD makes it super simple to design your apps or websites. You can use templates for different web pages, like login or contact us. The tool is also useful for creating reusable designs you can implement anywhere you wish. 

Additionally, you can collaborate with the rest of your team through the same interface. 

Adobe XD is great for animations and creating micro-interactions. You may be able to create beautiful online experiences with just a few clicks. Plus, you get a lot of ready-made design resources to include in your work. 


  • An advanced web design tool
  • A lot of features
  • Simple wireframing


Final Thoughts

Web design is now more creative than technical. Use the tools we listed to design great websites with the least effort. You can access several resources and features to stand out from the competition. Additionally, you can save time and get more work done. Create the best designs by using the best web design tools from our list.

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