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For years now, this international competition has been rewarding excellence in design and giving exposure to designers from all around the globe. With millions of designs released every year, it becomes crucial to take part in such competitions and benefit from the exposure that comes from it. For designers, it’s a great opportunity to get that exposure you are craving, and it’s only one of the benefits.

If you are not familiar with the awards, you may want to check out the categories of the competition. Here are my personal favorite:

10 benefits of winning an award

If your work is worthy of an award, there are great benefits for you business in being awarded. First, you’ll get to take part in an internationally recognized exhibition and be included in the yearbook that goes with it. You’ll benefit from the PR and publicity efforts of the awards, as well as the world design rankings inclusion. But the best may very well be the gala-night, an amazing networking event.

That’s not all though, winners will also receive a winner kit, get competitor certificates and the jury’s feedback notes. As if this wasn’t enough, your products will get a scoresheet and be listed on sale.

For 2021 there are plenty of Jury Member, composed of design professionals, press members and academics. For designers, it’s good to know that the awards follow a strict peer-review process with anonymous voting and evaluation of entries.

Some of the previous years awarded designs

In case you are curious to know what type of design can win an award, here are some examples of last years winning entries.

Get the hang of it, by Aliki Rovithi.

Good morning original calendar by Katsumi Tamura.

ORISHIKI Hand bag Clutch bag by Naoki Kawamoto.

Nankin Lab Corporate Design by Pau Garcia and Pol Trias.

Ballo Portable Speaker by Bernhard Burkard.

And much more…

Yes, there are many more categories to register in the competition, just take a look for yourself.

There are a lot of benefits to taking part in the awards, such as taking part in the international exhibitions, being in the yearbook, benefiting from the PR, or inclusion in the world design rankings, among others. Oh! Did I mention the design prizes?

Before entering any competition, it’s good to know a little about the jury and the selection process. A’ Design Awards is very transparent regarding this, just look at the jury and process here.

Ready to enter?

If you are convinced that your company or yourself could benefit from entering the competition, just register here. The deadline for registration is February 28, 2021, and the results will be announced on A’ Design Awards and on Designer Daily on April 15.

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