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Today we are featuring Professional Digital Painting Artist and Graphic Designer Flore Maquin, with her amazing digital painting artwork in a unique style. She is a 29 years graphic artist based in Paris, and passionate about pop culture, design and cinema. She creates revisited movie posters, often in the form of digital painting. Creating both personal and commercial projects, she now works for French and American companies. She was recently the creator of the 2018 & 2019 Cannes Film Festival posters.

Flore’s work with top brands includes Festival de Cannes, Nikon Film Festival, BBC Studios, The Criterion Collection, Universal Pictures, The Hollywood Reporter, Rockyrama Magazine, Convoy Paris, Paramount Channel, Studio Canal, Adobe France, Steve Aoki DIM MAK, ESPN, Fubiz, Europacorp, Studio Canal, Billboard Magazine, Blackpills, Wild Side, Fantasy Football, Lumière film festival, Institut Lumière, Global Road Entertainment, Arte.

In this posts, we will showcase her best digital painting work for inspiration. You’re welcome to look through his works. Enjoy!

You can catch Flore Maquin on behance or visit her official website.

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Digital Paintings By Flore Maquin

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Here is the list of amazing work of Digital Paintings Artwork by Flore Maquin. Have a look, and feel the power of Illustration!

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