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Social media are one of the marvels introduced to us by the internet. It allows us to communicate and share anything we want from anywhere. And that provides countless opportunities for those who want to earn money by doing art. But where do I start as a beginner designer? What platforms are the best for showcasing and promoting my art?

Here’s a list of some resources that may help you out.


Behance could be called a heaven for all the designers out there. The platform was developed with one thought in mind – to make a place where designers could showcase their works, ongoing projects, and arts. It’s the first place you need to post your works if you’re an aspiring graphic designer.

But it’s not limited to portfolios only, as Behance offers many well-known features from other social media. Things like following people or messaging them are available here, too. It’s really useful, as you could communicate with any person directly on this website.

What is even more important, Behance is very popular nowadays, and many potential customers or employers only seek designers here. Don’t worry, there’s no need to post a CV and hire a custom writing service to write your bio. It’s not that formal. But still, try to keep your profile as professional as you can. It will highly increase your chances of getting interesting and well-paid projects.


This is one of the oldest and the most famous art featuring sites on the internet. DeviantArt is known for its large number of users that showcase their works. Compared to other such websites, DeviantArt is used more by beginner artists and designers, who have only begun their creative journey.

You probably won’t find many professional projects here. But instead, you should use it to get inspired and gain motivation as you’re browsing through countless pictures. It’s also a great platform to get useful free resources from. Things like brushes, fonts, and tutorials can be found here, too.

Another great thing about DeviantArt is its community. For over 20 years of its existence, it’s no wonder that this site has formed its own huge family of users. People here like to share tips and techniques and will always be glad to help you out.


Most beginner designers haven’t heard about Dayflash. But it’s only a matter of time, as this platform gains popularity with each day. The reason is, Dayflash is an iOS app that looks like Instagram. Well, it basically is somewhat similar to Instagram. With one huge difference, though.

It works like Instagram in its best years. That means, no shadow banning, no dictating algorithms, and no irrelevant recommendations. This app provides the best social media experience you could get. The content creators aren’t affected by an artificial intelligence that decides who becomes popular.

It’s a perfect chance to share and promote your creative works, as people who are interested in art will certainly see and appreciate them. Another point for Dayflash comes from the fact that you can post high-resolution images in full-frame. That means, no need to crop, adjust and compress your works just to fit the app’s regulations. You can post it in its original form.


As you’ve already guessed, this website is dedicated to sharing art. What distinguishes ArtStation from other resources, is that it’s mainly used to showcase 2d and 3d arts. A huge part of this platform is filled with:

  • Concept arts
  • Character designs
  • Illustrations

Therefore, it’s really popular among filmmakers, game developers, and other companies in the entertainment industry.

It’s also useful for the recruiters of those companies, as they can easily find workers for their projects. Be it design of a character from scratch or some drawings for the loading screen. The greatest part is that people mostly don’t pay any attention to the number of likes you receive on this website, it’s only a matter of whether they like your art and if it suits their needs.


This was initially developed to be a site to showcase small parts of your large projects. To spoil the audience with tiny glimpses of what you’re working on. After 12 years since its launch, Dribbble has evolved into a large platform. But it’s still focused on showcasing shots, as they call it. Basically, small screen grabs like icons, animations, branding solutions, illustrations, and so on.

It has been especially successful in the tech industry, as the site is widely used by employers. Dribble is a perfect place to find illustrators and graphic designers. But there’s still more to it, as many professionals use it as their casual portfolios. That means, on Dribble they post stuff that doesn’t fit into their main profiles. It’s mostly their personal arts and project illustrations.

Summing Up

As you can see, the number of platforms to share your creative works isn’t that small. And what is really good about them is the diversity. You should find the platform where your art would fit best and focus on it the most. But don’t hesitate for a second to post your works everywhere you can, as it gives you countless new opportunities to succeed as a designer.


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