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Have you always been dreaming about an automated home? Until recently, automation was pretty expensive, and the majority of people simply couldn`t afford it. What about nowadays though?

Now, you can either purchase any automated item you might need or you can even build one, with the needed actuators. We have collected for you some hacks and ideas to create a perfect home for you.

You Deserve the Best Office

If you work from home, you spend the majority of time in your home office. It shall be functional, comfortable, nice because there, you make your living and get resources to maintain your family.

Start with the desk. It is the core of your office, and it depends on it whether you are enjoying your work or suffering while working.

Height adjustable desks are recommended if you want to make your office perfect. You can purchase a desk. There are plenty of options. We are sure you can find the best one for you.

Another option is to build a height-adjustable desk. You can use the desk top from your old but so much loved desk. Fix it on a lifting frame, and a new desk is ready to use.

What about some accessories to arrange everything that you normally use in the office?

  • A special drawer can be fixed beneath the desk top and removed when there is no need in it.
  • A CPU holder, if needed, can be fixed directly under the desk top.
  • A functional document holder or organizer to keep the desk top neat.

All these accessories can be purchased directly on the website of a desk manufacturer.

Your Kitchen Can Be Changed Completely

Now, some ideas for your kitchen follow. Everybody would like to have plenty of devices and items that facilitate daily life. However, in most cases, there is not enough space for all of them. All those items do not fit in our small kitchens.

Ok, but what about some automation ideas?

You can start with the installation of a lifting column in one of the kitchen cabinets. In the cabinet top, make an opening. Through it, your device will move up and down.

Now, fix a platform on the lift column. On the platform, install the device, just make sure you fix it reliably so that it doesn`t fall. If you don`t like how the opening looks, make a cap. You can automate it or install it on hinges. So, you will be able to use the cabinet when the device is inside it.

Another nice project is a drop-down rack for utensils or spices. Well, you can arrange there just anything you would like to.

It is built inside of one of the wall-mounted cabinets. Make an opening in the cabinet bottom, fix an actuator inside. When extended, the actuator shall drop down from the cabinet. When retracted, it shall be hidden in the cabinet.

Now, fix a rack to the moving actuator part. Test whether it moves smoothly and make proper adjustments. Once done, your drop-down rack is ready. Put your utensils, spices, other things there, and enjoy.

As an option, you can install the rack not in the cabinet but behind it. You might need to liberate some space between the cabinet and the wall to enable the rack to hide there. Or you can make it in a way to lift the rack to the cabinet bottom. Whatever you like more is available.

This way, you can make your kitchen look completely different. Needless to mention that the comfort level will boost.

Some Living Room Automation Is Never Odd

Now, let us move to your living room. What would you like to change there? If you love more space, automation is at your service. If you would like to change the environment completely from time to time, again, automation is at your service.

So, let us have a look at some ideas.

A TV lift that can be managed with a simple remote – this has been a dream of many people. Well, we admit that the item isn`t the cheapest one, and not everybody can afford it. But you can buy just a lifting system, and the rest can be built!

So, you can install the lift system in a nice cabinet, make an opening at its top, and fix the TV set on the lifting system. When extended, it will lift the TV through the opening, and you can watch it.

Now, have a look at the shelves. You can automate them, too. Make moving panels, decorate them in different styles. Now, by exposing one panel and hiding the other, you can change the room environment without having to change the entire room décor.

Some More Storage Space

Where do you store things? Some people struggle with it. But with our automation ideas, you will forget about the issue once and forever.

For example, you can automate the bed frame and arrange a huge storage place beneath it. Fix the bed frame on a couple of actuators in a way that they lift and lower it when you need it. Of course, you can leave the bed frame not automated but lifting and lowering it manually is kind of a challenge.

Bottom Line

Automation is still not cheap but now, it is pretty much affordable. Basically, you need funds for good actuators, and the rest can be done by you. You can automate those things that you have been using for ages. They will get a new look and become more functional.

Don`t limit yourself to the described projects only. The options are unlimited. Move from one room to another, have a look around, and check what else can be more comfortable and useful when you automate it.

Some projects might seem pretty difficult. Leave them for later. Start with easier options. With time, when you gain some experience and get more skills, you will be able to handle efficiently any automation project!


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