Download My Free Subtle Grain Photoshop Brushes and Patterns

I have a new collection of textures for you to download today! It’s easy to get carried away with texturing, but sometimes just a subtle addition of grain is all that is required to give a clean digital design a tactile appearance. This collection of Subtle Grain Brushes & Patterns contains 6 grainy textures ranging from ‘so sparse you can hardly see it’ to ‘this is probably too much’. They’re great for adding visual interest to backgrounds, or distressing your artwork with letterpress style ink stamp effects. The textures are supplied as Photoshop Brushes and Pattern files, so they’re versatile tools that can be placed manually or fill an area automatically within Layer Styles and Adjustment Layers.

These versatile textures can be used in so many different ways. The Brushes can be applied in any colour, making them a quick and easy way to ‘dab’ a texture onto your design or within a layer mask. Alternatively, cover an infinite area with a seamless pattern fill, using either the Fill tool or the Pattern Fill adjustment layer. One of my favourite techniques is to apply a subtle grain pattern using a Pattern Overlay layer style. You can easily adjust the scale and combine it with Color Overlay using either the Darker Color or Lighter Color blend modes to alter the colour of the grain texture. Throw in a Stroke to achieve the popular ink stamp look for logos or lettering.

Download my Free Subtle Grain Brushes & Patterns

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