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The advanced photo editing tools available today let us transform almost any smartphone photo into a gallery-worthy exhibit. Many of us spend a long time editing our digital photos to perfect the fine gradients and color saturation. With that in mind, it’s a shame that we tend to view our photos on computer screens which simply can’t do them justice. Why leave your new masterpiece in the digital realm when you can enjoy it in a physical format?

Photo printing has evolved rapidly over the past few decades, and you can now get your photos printed on a wide range of materials without compromising on quality. So let’s explore the different printing options and find out how to transform digital photos into physical prints with timeless appeal!

A New Approach to Photo Prints

Nowadays physical photos aren’t limited to classic prints on photo paper. More and more people are using their own photos to create wall art for their homes. After all, why display mass-printed photos and art reproductions when you can make your own unique statement? Custom photo prints let you do just that.

Photo wall art can fill empty walls, give character to a bland space, or help divide a room into different zones. Note that every type of print substrate has its own distinct character – so choosing the right print medium can be as important as choosing the right photo for creating the mood you want.

What’s the Best Type of Print Medium to Use?

Not so long ago, photo paper was the default print medium, but these days it’s just one of many options available. Here’s what you need to know about the most popular substrates before you make your choice.

Photo Paper – for Classic Gallery-Style Prints

Prints on photo paper are still very much in demand thanks to their versatility and classic look. If you choose the right frames and try a creative display format – a gallery wall, for example – you can easily put a fresh twist on this most traditional of print mediums.

Many of the best print providers take gallery exhibits as a model, accentuating your photo image with a white card-stock mat and displaying the whole ensemble in a classically restrained frame in a natural color.

Prints on photo paper are a great choice for family portraits, minimalist photo artwork, or any image with simple lines and an unfussy composition.

Canvas – for Quirky Artistic Designs

Framed photos are still by far the most popular choice of photo wall art. So if you’re looking for something more unusual, your first choice should be canvas prints – a new trend that brings together premium photo printing with the aesthetic of traditional paintings.

In contrast to prints on photo paper, a photo canvas represents printing in three dimensions – the canvas fabric is stretched over a sturdy inner frame, with part of the print visible on the sides of the frame. The inner frame gives your canvas print a robust physicality, so it can be hung on the wall or simply leant against a vertical surface – convenient if you want to avoid drilling holes.

Metal – for Classy Wall Décor with a Contemporary Twist

Canvas prints and classic framed photos combine cutting-edge printing with retro design – the canvas texture and the traditional frame design, respectively, give these prints a charming vintage appeal. By contrast, metal prints have a more contemporary appeal, thanks to their stripped-back design, radiant colors and luxurious surface gloss.

Metal prints are a great choice for bold modern photography and abstract digital art. Try to find a provider that offers metal prints with a hidden hanging system – this creates a sophisticated effect where your print appears to “float” against the wall.

How to Increase the Longevity of Your Prints

In the digital age, when almost everything can feel ephemeral, photo prints bring a sense of authenticity – they can act as a physical reminder of our happiest moments. So it’s no wonder that people want their prints to last as long as possible.

Buy from a respected manufacturer and you can expect both the print itself and the substrate to have excellent longevity. For example, one of the best-known names in the printing industry, CanvasDiscount, uses a special canvas fabric that’s specially designed for the HP latex inks they print with. Their canvas prints will last for decades on end before they start to fade.

But note that how long a print lasts depends on how it’s displayed too. Some print types are more resistant to UV than others, but it’s always wise to keep your prints away from direct sunlight. Think about your room’s heat and humidity levels too, especially if you’re buying canvas prints.

Give New Life to Your Digital Designs

The best thing about custom prints is that you can choose almost any image you like – not just family portraits and travel photos, but digital artwork too: computer graphics, typographic designs, you name it. Simply save your work in a .JPG or .PNG format and upload it to the manufacturer’s website.

Some online providers have an automatic photo measurement system on their website. When you upload your photo, the site will check the resolution and aspect ratio, offering you only the print formats suited to its dimensions. This way you don’t need to worry about choosing a format that’s too big and getting a blurry print.

And finally – a respected manufacturer should offer a comprehensive range of size formats. For example, at you can choose from more than 20 formats for canvas prints, from small to positively majestic – so finding the right one for your image won’t be a problem at all!


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