‘On The Road’ Procreate Brush Set for Premium Members


Access All Areas members have a fantastic brush set for Procreate to download this week, courtesy of Shoutbam. The ‘On The Road’ brush set is divided into 3 parts: Line brushes, Texture brushes, and Shader brushes. You’ll be able to go from sketch to a final piece with ease and give your illustrations a rough look with a total of 24 brushes optimised for variable pen pressure.


Shoutbam is a creative studio specialised in creating Brushes and Educational content for Procreate, Affinity and Adobe. They’ve created a Treasury full of FREE content updated every single month and they also teach creatives how to get better at Lettering and Illustration through their free YouTube content and premium step-by-step workbooks.

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The ‘On The Road’ brush set for Procreate contains 8 pressure sensitive line brushes, 8 pressure sensitive texture brushes, 8 pressure sensitive shader brushes, and an easy-to-follow installation guide. This brush set is compatible with Procreate for iPad with an Apple Pencil or equivalent stylus.

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