Save Over $3000 With a 99% Discount Off This Collection of Professional Fonts


We all love having a vast library of quality fonts to work with, but they can often be far too expensive for the average designer to afford. While the high price tags do justify the quality and craftsmanship that goes into premium typefaces, the total soon adds up when you’re trying to establish a varied collection. This brand new Design Cuts bundle brings you a range of unique fonts from a select group of hugely respected type designers and font foundries. The massive 99% discount brings the $3207 cost down to just $29 for a limited time, making it an ideal opportunity to upgrade your font library while saving a fortune!

These fonts are on a different level to most free offerings on the web with a multitude of weights, extensive language support, contextual alternates, and all the finer details and finesse that you would expect from top-level, professional font families. Many of these fonts include 20-30 individual styles within the complete font family, or a massive 90 in the case of Masifa!

For a limited time only this collection is available at 99% off, reducing the cost to just $29. Aside from the $3178 saving, full licensing is also included to give you the confidence to use your new typefaces in your client work and commercial projects. This is a truly well-rounded collection that will upgrade your font library.

Buy The Treasure Trove of Fonts for $29 (99% off!)


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