Showcase of Designs and Illustrations of Witches & Witchcraft


I recently did a search for witch themed graphics for a little project I’m working on and discovered there’s an entire sub-genre of art styles dedicated to witches and witchcraft. Become bewitched by this inspirational showcase of wicked designs and illustrations with a witchy aesthetic. You’ll find a variety of creative pieces in a myriad of art styles, ranging from cartoon character illustrations to digitally painted pinups, along with an assortment of mystic and magic related graphics.

Blue Valentine by Tanya Shatseva

A Bitter Pill by Brandon Ragnar

Temptation by Ken Wong

Watercolor by Jacquelin de Leon

Margarita by ybryksenkova

Salem by Bill Crisafi

Coven Club by Casper Spell

Witch Art by Ivy Dolamore

Witch Art by Ivy Dolamore

Witch by Darya Semenova

The Witching Hour by MUTI

Green Witchcraft by MUTI

Haunt by Mary Kate McDevitt

Witch by Daniela Jimenez

Witch Brew by Trey Ingram

Witch by Studio Warburton

Witch by Nick Molokovich

Kikimora by Nick Molokovich

A Witch Girl by PVP Studio

Halloween by Carlos Puentes

Halloween Witch by Anton Fritsler

Witch Halloween by Anton Fritsler

Your Son's a Witch by Anna Hurley

Salem Broom Co. by Jordan Kabalka

Witch by Tyler Pate

A Discovery of Witches by wisely_l

Grimbroidery Brading by Consume Design

Bitchcraft by Cecilie Behr

Surfing by Gaspart

Samuel Markiewicz

Witches by Rick Pinchera

Happy Halloween by Ruben Lara

Witches Gate by Nebojsa Matkovic

Intuition Ale Works by Varick

Green Witchcraft by MUTI

Witchy Witch by Craig Seagreen

Hocus Pocus Time to Focus by Susanne Lork

Coven Logo by Lillian Oeding

Never Trust the Living by Jazzy

Witchcraft by Nicolas Kockritz

Fear Will Guide You by Keenan Kosolowski

Mystic Hands by Daphna Sebbane

Black Magic by Pedro Correa

Black Magic Roastery by Ryan Foose

T-Shirt Artworks by Alex Wezta

Witches Brew by Vanessa Lovegrove

Cephalothorax Witch by Moron Fathers

The Kitchen by Adilson Farias

Witch Selena Character Concept by Evgeny Tinyansky

Popculture Witches by Hania Olos

The Witch by Laura Arroz

Beautiful Witch by Marina Dolgopolova

Good Witch by Jessica Benhar

Magic Stamps Set by Lara Agoshkova

Alchemist by Openmint Studio

Major Arcana by Marx Reinhart Fidel

Witch Under Crescent Moon by Vezonia Lithium

The Demon Book by Stefan Koidl

Goth Witch by Ross Tran

Witch Girl by Ross Tran

Witch by Tooth Wu

Witch by Bogdan Rezunenko

Witch by Yuziwei

Do you feel inspired to create some witch or witchcraft themed artwork of your own? Check out these useful witch related resources:

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Witchcraft Secret Graphic Set

Magic Spell Book Creator Kit

Luxury Witchcraft Graphics

Black Magic Chalk Graphics


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