Showcase of Logo Designs with Retro Mascot Characters

Whatever happened to the good old fashioned brand mascot? There aren’t many companies these days that have a cute cartoon representative! The only exception might be modern eSports logos, as showcased in one of my previous inspiration posts, but the visual style has evolved from the fun and friendly classic cartoon into strong and powerful, vector art. Fans of the retro design style will be happy to know that there still are some designers out there creating classic mascot characters to accompany their vintage brand identity designs. In today’s inspiration showcase I feature 40 nostalgic logo designs with retro mascot characters. Admire the different old-school art styles inspired by mid-century or the even earlier rubber-hose cartoon aesthetics.

Canadian Crawlers by Travis Pietsch

BadUtility Workwear by Travis Pietsch

Charley Mascot by Matthew Cook

Bold Flavors by Matthew Cook

CMPTRULES X STEPART Label by cmpt_rules

Burger Zone by Ovcharka Industries

Hardboy Club by Monkey BEN

Magic Power Court by Monkey BEN

Highballcatcher by Monkey BEN


Hello Dribbble by Monkey BEN

Hotdog Batter by Monkey BEN

Old Town Pizza by Brethren Design Co

Hole Up! American Pale Ale by Luke Harrison

Banger's by Zachary Wieland

Pizza + Beer by Zachary Wieland

Boxwood Biscuits by Greg Davis

Ottawa Gatineau Painting by Alan Oronoz

Oronoz 2018 by Alan Oronoz

Kanga Coolers by Chris Ganz

Dachshund by Michael Penda

Fed-Up Club Mascot by Nader Boraie

Devil's Lake Satans by Gregory Grigoriou

Big Fly Opening Day by Bryce Reyes

Crawfish Boil by Bryce Reyes

Keep Your Head Up by Jesse Taylor

Hot Damn Dogs by Quwade

Iron Lad by Paul Simon

Crookoo Running Team by TOONER Studio

Homer Cat Baseball Team by TOONER Studio

Knead & Chop by Graph Uvarov

Basilio Blacks by Joe Snow

Tallboy Games by Ty

Good Boy Co. Branding by Ivan Schettino

1947ind by MGNG!

Make It Work by Jon Trese

Unstoppable by 123Klan

Do you feel inspired to create a retro mascot character logo of your own? Check out these useful tutorials and resources for creating cartoon and character designs:

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