The types of websites you can create with WooCommerce


One of the best and most popular e-commerce platforms is WordPress. And, WooCommerce is a plugin for it.

WooCommerce is excellent at managing products and the overall performance of a site. It is a great tool to obtain positive experience with customers. WooCommerce offers to sell physical products. Not only that, but it allows for downloading digital goods as well.  

WooCommerce is functional too. You can manage all kinds of products and inventory. You can set various tax, payment, and shipping options. With WooCommerce, you can sell anything your heart desires.

To optimize your page performance, use WordPress to run your site. Then use WooCommerce as an option to enable customers to buy products and goods from your site. But, this is not everything you can do with WooCommerce.

Here is everything you can do with WooCommerce:

Dropshipping WooCommerce Store

Dropshipping is a rising online industry. The idea behind this is simple – the eCommerce store does not hold the goods in stock. What it does instead is it fills the order by buying from dealers. And, then it ships them to buyers. This is an excellent way if you want to make money quickly.

It is also an excellent start for online selling. You can quickly learn how to run an eCommerce store. But, this time, you minimize the risks.

So how does it work?

First, an item has to be bought from your website. Then, your dropshipper fulfills and ships the order.

The margin you get from that is your profit. There is an important thing you should know, though. You have to work with your supplier, interchangeably. Perhaps they might have some goods and products that can be integrated into your site.

Digital WooCommerce Stores

WooCommerce is a fantastic tool for creating websites. There, you can place products that can be both downloaded and shipped. This type of model may be applied if you sell online courses or tutorials. In exchange for knowledge, you get revenue. One downside to this is that their lack of physical presence. But perhaps this is better. You can’t run out of supplies, and you continuously get profit. This is why more and more people buy online courses, books, pdfs, and even images and videos.

Subscription WooCommerce Store

Another successful trick websites use when branding is using subscriptions as a marketing strategy. That way, they ensure loyal customers regularly pay for various courtesies. Perhaps they want monthly access to newspapers or other content. By having them subscribe to your website, in a way, you make a deal with them. You can also offer them new features and other products they might also like.

One common type of subscription is a service subscription. And they work best for online services and goods. When you sign up to a website, many websites offer a starting subscription pack. Then select the payment method, and you’re good to go. Some services allow being renewed automatically. When the subscription period is over, you can choose whether you want the service to be automatically renewed or not.

Affiliate WooCommerce Stores

WooCommerce is impressive to use. First, you can give a native UX with it. Second, you can incorporate products and services on your site. What you can also do is list things from other businesses. In a way, you direct your customers to them and lead traffic.

Then, those business owners pay you commissions every time someone buys their product. That way, they handle product fulfillment to you directly. Thus, you are making more profit and venue. What’s unique about Affiliate products is that you have to link the original creators when building the website. Paste the URL from that business onto the merch you’re selling.

Then all of their purchases are transported to your site. The buyers return to your site to buy and order the product. But you have to know that you are not in charge of the shipping, taxes, or any outside inventory.

Membership WooCommerce Store

Create a membership store. Make your WooCommerce store a place where only registered people can enter the site and its content. If people are not members, they have limited and restricted access to services. For one to see and buy something from your website, they have to ask for permission first.

We mentioned that WooCommerce is a fantastic tool for almost any type of website. It is easy to use and flexible for all your needs and desires.

You can customize it and adjust it according to your liking. You can choose which commodities can be displayed. You can also give people free trials for them to see whether they like your content or not. Coupons and discounts are elements you can also implement when you start having premium users.

This concept can vary, though. You can use it in its raw form, or you can create a premium version of it. Courses are a great thing to add a membership to.

Auction WooCommerce Stores

WooCommerce’s wonders don’t end here, though. They also come with a plugin. This plugin, Simple Auctions, offers auctions to products.

The auctions can be proxy, reverse, silent, or average. You can combine this plugin with the Product Vendor plugin. If you do so, you will be able to create a site that is similar to eBay. Here users can put their goods and services to the auction.

This plugin for auction is a hundred percent customizable. There are many templates and hoops you can use. Not only that, but you can add translation and WPML. But that is not all. It also comes with unique features. Anti-sniping, live bid browser notifications, and ajax bid refreshing are some features, you can unlock.

Sessions or Bookings type Website

Perhaps you are a professional that wants to expand the business you’re making. Then, this is the perfect instrument for generating fast profit. There are several plugins that handle WooCommerce appointments. These plugins are ideal if you want to hold virtual meetings, discussions, and even learning tours. Combine this with a WordPress mapping plugin and your website looks like a pro brand.

Top Websites created using WooCommerce.

If you’re wondering which websites are using WooCommerce for their business, here is a list of them.


Clickbank is an international online dealer with a lovely blue color scheme. It provides a plethora of products, goods, and services. What’s interesting about them is that they give other people the freedom to sell their products. That way, they are a platform for marketing services and always promoting manufacturers. This retailer is great because it is a platform for handling many customers without any issue.

Friend of Franki

This website has successfully hidden WooCommerce in its design. The whole site has plastered images of summer holidays in Europe. They are customized there to be reminded of summer, bonding with friends and family, and relaxation. It is made that way to want to book a flight to Europe and spend your vacation away from the world.

The Spectator Magazine Shop

The Spectator Shop is one of the oldest magazines that is still lively and up to date. Even though it has existed for a very long period, it uses modern tools to power up its sales. WooCommerce has been successfully integrated into its online shop, and its working as if it has existed since the origin of the magazine itself.

Strandberg Guitars

This is a website that delivers excellent UX to its online customers. It has an online gallery of their products. They have sorted their guitars and other guitar accessories by special qualifications.


WorthPoint is another excellent website that uses WooCommerce. It uses it to manage more than three hundred million items.

Their collection is accessible from all kinds of marketplaces and auction houses—Itis a fantastic online resource provider.

Blue Star Coffee

This is yet another line of WooCommerce store. The Blue Star Coffee Roasters is one of the best and most popular virtual coffee shops globally. When you open their website, you’re immediately greeted with a WooCommerce homepage. Its design is impressive. They offer high-quality insight into their products and goods.

When it comes to product placement and management, WooCommerce is one of the best tools to exist. This article shows that you can do so much with so little effort. Use these ideas to expand and improve your business.

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