Unlock The Vintage Design Style with This Collection of Creative Tools. Just $29

If you’re a fan of the vintage art style you’ll love digging through the wealth of quality design resources in this vintage-themed treasure chest! This is one of the biggest ever vintage collections, bringing you vintage fonts, rare vintage illustrations, textures, old papers, decorative elements, and useful vintage brushes. It’s a true treasure trove for any vintage design lover. These tools regularly sell for a total of $1518, but they’re now available for just $29 for a very limited time.

Check out the full collection to see each individual product in detail, you’ll be amazed at the huge number of resources this bundle offers. The 98% discount provides a great opportunity to acquire some really rare and sought after items that you can benefit from in all your upcoming projects. Assets like fonts, textures and graphics form an integral part of a design, so it’s important to have the correct licensing for your tools. You’ll be glad to hear that every product in this bundle comes with a full extended license to give you the confidence to use your new tools in all your commercial projects.

The Vintage Lover’s Creative Arsenal

Buy The Vintage Lover’s Creative Arsenal for $29

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