Video Tutorial: How to Create a Vintage Pin-Up Effect in Adobe Photoshop


In today’s Adobe Photoshop tutorial I’m going to take you through the process of creating a WW2 aircraft ‘nose art’ inspired image, featuring the classic ‘girl-riding-a-bomb’ style pin-up. Traditionally this style of artwork was hand-painted on bombers to boost morale and to bring good luck to the planes, perhaps the most well-known being the B-17 Memphis Belle. These days it’s an iconic art style that can still be found on custom trucks or hot-rod door panels, on the back of motorcycle jackets, or vintage style posters and signs. Rather than painting the artwork by hand on the fuselage of a plane, we’ll be making use of a handful of stock images to digitally compose the layout. A series of Photoshop filters and effects will give the lifelike photographs a painted appearance, then the whole design will be placed on a riveted metal surface and processed so the texture gives it the weathered appearance of an old bomber plane’s decorative nose art.

How to Create a Vintage Aircraft ‘Nose Art’ Pin-Up Effect in Photoshop

► Salute Pinup stock image –
► Battle Bomb stock image –
► Old Green Metal Surface stock image –

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