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When talking about WordPress, it is renowned in the world of website development. Many large and small businesses are now adopting WordPress CMS for their website development.

Let’s navigate the reasons why WordPress should be adopted by your firm?

Firstly, the Reason behind need of WordPress in an Enterprise

If you are into some business, the website is an ultimate need. This is necessary as it will help you to increase your sales. You will end up selling your services and products to a greater mass of people. Website is a good means to publicize your services virtually.

In fact, in this fast-paced world of online business, you never know who really craves your services or products.

Secondly, does your firm size matter?

It nevertheless depends on the size of your firm. Whether you are an established or an establishing firm, a website is still your basic need. The total number of websites on the internet is increasing drastically.

Now it is an obvious fact that every one of them will not necessarily have a large firm. And above all, this huge number of websites will definitely not be reasonless. It itself shows that the website is now an integral part of marketing your firm.

What kind of website do people follow?

1. Appearance

The most basic aspect to judge a website is its appearance. You will surely hop onto a clean, good-looking website. Your website has only a few seconds to grab the attention of your website visitors and inspire their trust.

2. Content

The second important thing is its content. A website is a complete source of useful information. To avoid minimal, not-so-important queries of the visitor and to avoid engaging a person behind that to spend time, websites are created.

Hence it should contain every piece of information by surveying what the visitor is generally looking for. Content should be such that it is readable, engaging, subtle, and provides every answer.

The content is essentially worse than average. It is obvious that with the exception of the web specialist, everybody knows the significance of a “Title” tag in SEO.

Best way to navigate through the content. Catchy title and subtitles. Readable fonts.

3. Functionality

The third aspect is the functionality of the website. Besides everything is good including looks and the content, if your website fails to function properly like taking higher loading times or not redirecting to correct URLs. Failing to take payments for online shopping or not secured. All this will affect the overall ranking of your website.

Ever wonder, where these websites are built? There are various website builders available, some of them are free. These website builders are technically known as Content Management Systems. Naming some of them here will resemble naming the pinpoint of the top of the mountain. WordPress, Drupal, Magneto, Joomla, etc are various CMS used to develop a website.

What are the different types of WordPress websites?

Before listing different types of WordPress websites, let us understand the need to differentiate these websites. Every website falls under a particular class due to its functional features.

All the websites would not be compatible with the same kind of tools, plugins, and themes. If so, at any point, the website might fail to deliver the exact purpose.

Here is the list of the types of WordPress Website with examples for a straightforward interpretation:

  1. Blog or Personal Website: WordPress, Wix, Medium
  2. Business Website: CNBC, Forbes, New York Times.
  3. eCommerce Website: Myntra, Amazon, Flipkart.
  4. Job Board: LinkedIn, Monster, Indeed.
  5. Q&A website: Quora, Wikianswers, Yahoo answers
  6. Nonprofit & Religious website: Paypal donations, Amazon charity.
  7. Portfolio websites: Adobe portfolio, Dribbble
  8. Auction websites: OLX, Quikr, Cars24
  9. School/College Website: MIT, Stanford, Harvard
  10. Multilingual website: Nike, KFC, iPhone

Besides this, there are various factors that will spontaneously shift you to WordPress

  • WordPress Holds control more than 40% of overall websites.
  • This 40% is probably going to be practically 1.3 million websites over every one of the websites running.
  • WordPress is an open-source and free CMS platform.
  • Avg 661 websites are fabricated each day.
  • WordPress web improvement benefits even top in the rundown of top 60 worldwide CMS organizations.
  • Governments from everywhere in the world use them.
  • It is utilized by ‘The Whitehouse’ alongside numerous other government sites.
  • WordPress shares around 76% of the overall industry share, which is more than any other different CMS.

To make a site practical, WordPress offers more than 60000 Plugins.

Plugins are the all-inclusive highlights that are intended to be extremely helpful while working on a WordPress website. Let’s jump onto its different realities.

  • WordPress contains around 58000 free plugins. These make your website remarkable.
  • Yoast SEO is the most mainstream plugin.
  • The most mainstream paid plugin is Visual author.

The Best WordPress plugins

To increase the performance of the website plugins are attached externally to your website. There are more than 58000 plugins in WordPress which will actually lead to the dilemma about which and when to use them.

Below are the few plugins that trigger your website performance:

  • Social Auto Poster: Auto-posting content to various social media platforms.
  • Social Warfare: Increase your website traffic with the best free plugin.
  • SmashBalloon: This allows you to create your own design in your social media posts.
  • WooCommerce: Most popular eCommerce Plugin, entirely customizable.
  • WooCommerce PDF Vouchers: Allows to sell vouchers in pdf which can be redeemed physically.
  • Easy Digital Download: extremely useful in selling digital products.
  • WPRocket: A powerful caching plugin that reduces the page loading time supremely fast.
  • Redirection: Redirection plugin helps you to get rid of unwanted 404 and 301 errors.
  • Vault Press: This is a great backup plugin. It not only backs up your data but also secures your website from hackers.

To make your site look great, WordPress has themes. Gain proficiency for certain realities about WordPress themes:

  • First presented in 2005.
  • Various new themes are presented each year.
  • WordPress has around 6000 themes in its directory.
  • The most popular theme is Divi and Genesis.
  • Avada is the most popular bought theme.
  • 93% of ThemeForest deals are done from mobile friendly themes.

Every one of these highlights makes a WordPress site exceptionally adaptable. Adjustable websites are more inclined to be embraced by CMS Development companies.

Fastest loading themes

There are multiple free themes available in the WordPress directory. Some of the unique faster loading themes are listed below:

  1. SociallyViral
  2. GeneratePress
  3. Schema
  4. ParallaxPro

All these themes have their average loading time near 1.5 seconds which is extremely fast and suitable for an eCommerce website too.

WordPress Correlation with different CMS

1. WordPress Vs Drupal

WordPress Vs. Drupal: Accessibility

Above all else, regardless of arising in almost 2000, WordPress acquired notoriety because of its adaptable highlights and easy-to-use interface. It is no stun that WordPress can be worked even by non-engineers. Then again, Drupal, because of its technical intricacies, can’t be gotten to without any problem. You can move up to Drupal on the off chance that you can work to recruit an engineer for it.

WordPress Vs. Drupal: Problem Fixation

Being enormously known and more straightforward in codes, WordPress can get its concern identifiers worldwide. Your bugs could sort out inside a brief period that too without hardly lifting a finger. Be that as it may, Drupal has intricacy in its coding framework, which requires a specialist designer.

WordPress Vs. Drupal: Market share

Since 2001, WordPress has been consolidated into over 40% of a large number of sites overall, holding 64% of the CMS share of the pie. While taking a gander at the information of Drupal, it establishes just around 1.7% of the general sites following 3% of the amount of the overall industry. Each site picks WordPress in light of its usability, as expressed previously.

WordPress Vs. Drupal: Customization Features

WordPress has a great many valuable includes that accompany a huge number of stylish highlights. For WordPress, there are more than 55000 plugins and 8000 or more themes, which is around 45000 modules for Drupal, and 2500 themes. You may make a great many site customization utilizing these highlights.

WordPress Vs. Drupal: Integration

Drupal is firm as far as outsider incorporation. It is hard to incorporate with outsider devices, and in this manner, there are a couple of alternatives to make your fantasy site precisely as you pictured. However, various plugin instruments offer many changes to make your fantasy site allegorically comparable to your visuals.

WordPress Vs. Drupal: Content Workflow

Drupal gives an efficient substance work process which likewise assists us with characterizing other various work processes. This wins in WordPress, even yet the proficiency gets somewhat burst. Drupal takes additional consideration in illustrating the substance work process, while WordPress’s principle highlight includes customization keeping the substance as a subjecting viewpoint.

WordPress Vs. Drupal: Security

While talking regarding security, Drupal leads in this area. This is because its technical intricacy doesn’t permit programmers to utilize it. As per the study in 2018, WordPress announced more than 542 (which was a 30% expansion from 2017 reports) weaknesses of the sites and claims its utilization from malware sources because a non-designer even gets to the WordPress websites making them defenseless against programmers.

WordPress Vs. Drupal: Websites

A portion of the sites utilizing WordPress are recorded underneath:

  • gov
  • Sony Music
  • Microsoft News
  • The Walt Disney Organization

While that utilizes Drupal is

  • gov
  • Tesla Motors
  • McDonald’s Australia

WordPress Vs. Drupal: Pricing and Maintenance

Keeping a WordPress site is significantly simpler contrasted with Drupal. In any case, Drupal gives an all-encompassing center office of updates and code erase to have a cleaner codebase. Fantastic sites can be based on remembering how Drupal requires both ability and an enormous financial plan in any event for the support. A comparative level site can be a 1/tenth part of the Drupal cost, including numerous customization alternatives than drupal.

If you need to develop a website using Drupal, it will cost you around 5k to 20k dollars, while for WordPress, this ranges from a few 500 to 1000 dollars.

2. WooCommerce Vs Magento

Both WooCommerce and Magento are the most popular eCommerce platform. WooCommerce has excellent eCommerce flexibilities and it’s fully customizable having numerous plugins to improve your store’s performance. While on the other hand, if you want to build solely an eCommerce store with thousands of products, Magento will be an excellent option for you.

WooCommerce Vs Magento: Security

When talking in terms of Security, the core standards of both WooCommerce and Magento are highly secure. Still, due to WooCommerce’s high extensibility, it sometimes ruptures its performance while connecting outdated plugins or themes.

WooCommerce Vs Magento: Work Structure

Working on WordPress WooCommerce is still manageable as it contains a lot of drag and drop features. If you are a fledgling in codes, then Magento will be a little tough for you. Magento has proven the productivity of its website and is undoubtedly can be called an enterprise CMS.

WooCommerce Vs Magento: Websites

Brands using Magento:

  1. Ford
  2. Liverpool FC
  3. Vizio

Brands using WooCommerce:

  1. Airstream
  2. Porter and York
  3. Singer

You may have observed the difference between the platforms. Top enterprises choose WooCommerce to promote their products digitally. In comparison, Magento is the prime choice for sales marketing enterprises. 

Your business has a golden opportunity to flourish. You can integrate both WooCommerce and Magento to sell and market your digital content. While combining both the CMS, you will restrict the usability of operating WordPress in the backend which may need a WordPress developer. But still, this has proved a great chance to increase your website’s rank.

WordPress Benefits

Quickly shifting to what WordPress offers as a whole. When WordPress was initially launched in 2003, it updated all its interfaces to be a unique blogging site. Soon, it evolved to be the most popular website builder and CMS.

Websites are built up of highly informative content. To manage this, one needs a website builder to help build a website. WordPress will prove its proficiency in creating unique websites precisely what you dreamt of compared to other CMS.

Now multiple reasons will ensure you about WordPress’s benefits.

  • First of all, it is an open-source(free) CMS(Content Management System).
  • It is highly extensible, which means you can install it despite any system.
  • It is mainly used to build websites and as a blogging website.
  • It can be customized anytime and without any limitation to make your website highly functional and beautiful using numerous plugins and themes.
  • It is effortless. A layperson or a non-developer can even know its operations.
  • WordPress can be installed within minutes. Hardly will it take 5 mins.
  • It has more than 70 languages at its core, and so it’s pretty approachable to anyone.
  • A WordPress website is highly ranked and searched according to many surveys.

The best way to make a WordPress website

Now with WordPress, we are having numerous easy and modern ways that could develop our excellent website. There are basic steps that will be significant in making the WordPress Website.

  • First of all, you need a unique domain for your site which can be availed from any domain registrar like Godaddy. Make sure you can have a maximum of 63 characters for your unique domain. Multiple tools can show you whether your domain is already registered or not.
  • Buy or rent a WordPress Hosting. WordPress hosting works as a host of web servers that stores the files and folders of Website information and runs WordPress websites at peak performance. There are few options available to buy the Virtual Private Server hosting plans at a low cost on google.
  • Tune your domain with the host with the help of DNS.
  • Install WordPress with the help of provided credentials from your host.
  • Customize your website with fast-loading themes and add useful plugins for optimized performance.
  • Add SEO-based content to fill your website accurately.
  • Launch your site and have a happy sale.

Optimizing Speed of your WordPress Website

If you already own a WordPress Website, find its speeding up technique below:

Besides moving directly to the things, let’s first see what WordPress Website Speed Optimization is and why it is necessary.

What is WordPress Website Speed Optimization?

Loading your website super fast so that you can be higher in the search rank. This improves your reach, and you may promote/sell your services/products effectively to a more significant number of people.

Why is Optimizing WordPress Website necessary?

If you optimize your website’s speed, you are engaging a more significant number of people to your website and providing them the services without letting them wait.

Optimizing is necessary to increase:

  1. Conversion
  2. Visibility
  3. Usability

This will satisfy your customers as the website will load its page faster, and the customers will remain close to their answers. This will avoid shifting your visitors to switch to other websites or pages because you are taking time to load!

First three things you see for optimizing WordPress Site Speeds, ask the following three questions to yourself:

1. Do you have a good host?

Most of the sector uses shared hosting as it costs low. But shared hosting shares CPU, disk space, and Ram with other sites. This will lower your site performance. Hence it is advisable to use a VPS or a dedicated server for your website.

2. Is your version updated?

Updating your HTML, PHP, Java, or CSS version will neglect many unnecessary files that force people to visit many HTTPS requests and mislead them to what they are looking for. Hence always keep your WordPress versions updated. Also, clear your cache data that loads up your site.

3. Do you possess numerous plugins and themes?

Plugins and themes enhance the site performance. However, too many plugins and themes will take your website time to load. Use only crucial plugins and compress the jpg files and images. This will directly affect your site performance.

There are many other ways to improve your loading time, including:

  • Use a Content Delivery Network (CDN).
  • Optimize the size of images on your website.
  • Use server caching.
  • Implement image Compression.
  • Database optimization in CMS.

After implementing the above factors, you can check your performance through:

  • Google Page Insights
  • Pingdom
  • Yslow

Still, if you need to improve more, contact any WordPress Development Company for strategic review and implementation to increase your website loading performance.

What is the future of WordPress

In the world of Website Development, WordPress has already mastered many things. As a result, it is the most widely used CMS in today’s world.

When it comes to the future of WordPress, it is planned to take over the whole platform by partnering with other CMS and enterprise businesses.

PHP is the programming language used by WordPress. It will be expanding its JavaScript directories in the near future. WordPress development coding standards have been adorned with many contributions from developers all over the world up until now.

WordPress releases updates on a regular basis, including new functions. The development of the Gutenberg editor is now a significant accomplishment. Blocks are required to be fully integrated into the Gutenberg feature.

WordPress has made its upkeep flexible since its inception. Its maintenance facility will now be simplified, and we will live in a world where all is done with a single click.

Because of its widespread usability, there are some misconceptions about WordPress security. By enforcing its security standards, WordPress will undoubtedly become the most stable CMS in the near future.

WordPress has thousands of free plugins and themes, and I believe that when partnering with other businesses, paid versions will be released. Plugin development was also showcased by a number of WordPress development companies.

WooCommerce development is quickly becoming the most important aspect of WordPress.

WordPress is growing at a breakneck pace and shows no signs of slowing down. Contact any WordPress Development Company to build your website.

Most of them did. Will you?

From a beginners blog to large firms like Mercedes Benz, The Whitehouse, everyone has shifted to WordPress.

WordPress Website has been successful in attracting a greater amount of online traffic. Numerous factors now point out why your Enterprise Website Development should shift to WordPress. Besides all, it provides profitable outcomes.

Now that you have planned to shift to a WordPress website, there are numerous pieces that will show you about boosting your WordPress website performance. Once you are into the ocean of WordPress, you will get multiple life jackets to swim into this ocean flexibly.

We would love to know your side.

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