50 Ferocious Designs and Illustrations Featuring Wolves


It turns out wolves are a popular subject for artists and illustrators, but that’s no surprise when you consider these magnificent creatures have been depicted in mythology and folklore throughout history. In today’s inspiration showcase I present a variety of ferocious art and design pieces that feature wolves, ranging from detailed paintings to stylistic illustrations. Admire the variety of artistic styles from these talented artists.

Fire or Water by Ann AG Otherside

Little Red Riding Hood by Gokce Irten

Kill or Be Killed by Blackout Brother

Motoblot 2019 by Mariano Orell

El Lobo en La Luna by Pamela Wehrhahne

Drawtober 2020 by Samantha Mash

Bigby Wolf by Rachta

Conflict by Inknes

300 by T.Hanuka

The Wolf King by Dan Burgess

Haunted by Animals by Jenna Barton

Hati & Skoll by Karitas

Binding of Fenrir by Lydia Avery Kassinos

Charge again, die again by RavenMadwolf

Angerey Boi by Remarin

Our Souls Bowed Down To the Dust by Valin Mattheis

Wretched by NukeRooster

MMXVI by Ivan Belikov

Game of Thrones by Ivan Belikov

Wolf's Spirit by Vertnik

Wolf Tattoo by Naphulaa

The Wolf and the Forest by Wolves Content

No One is Free by Hookieduke

Inktober by Devinellekurtz

Wolfies Just Fine by Dan Burgess

Wolves by Michalivan

Of Wolf and Man by Kraken K

Animals by Andreas Lie

Wary of The Wolves by 76 Garments

Wildlife by Jane Davies Watercolours

Little Red Riding Hood by Denis Medri

Picnic by Naimane

Untitled by Unknown

Wolf by Alireza Akhbari

Fireknife Wolf by 王 琛

Rabid Wolf by Anna Podedworna

Sketches by Mariya S

Sketches by Devin Elle Kurtz

Moons hunting by Julia Anarh1a

Wolf and Raven by J.Christine Leach

Maned Wolf by Rachel Stibich

Wolf by Victor Melendez

Cinders by Jenna Barton

Double Face by Jenna Barton

The Sign of the Wolf by Jenna Barton

Beyond by Atenebris

Commission by Brevis Art

Fenrir by Klaher Baklaher

Fenrir In Thor: Ragnarok

Big Bad Wolf by Diego Gisbert Llorens

Fenrir by Tomasz Ryger

Fenrir by Fadramd

Little Red Cap and the Wolf by Ilya Boyko

Lobo Vector by Roberto Orozco


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