A Complete Guide To Interviewing A UI/UX Designer For Your Project


Finding a qualified UI/UX designer is not an easy task. An entire month might pass in just looking for potential candidates with a high level of expertise. The interview process may take even longer. After all, you need to assess the skill level and expertise before hiring the right designer. 

But what if you come from a non-design background? How do you interview a user experience designer and ensure that they are the right fit for your organization? 

Here is a complete interview guide with helpful tips on finding and hiring quality UI/UX experts for your project.

Evaluate Their Technical Skills

First and foremost, your UI/UX designer needs to come from an expert technical background. They need to have the right level of skills to complete your project quickly and efficiently. It is also essential for them to have a good amount of experience in the field – bonus points if they have experience in the domain that you are working. 

According to Forrester, a better UI could increase your website conversion rate by about 200%, while a better UX design could deliver up to 400% conversation rates. 

It explains why you should evaluate candidates’ skills accurately when hiring a UX/UI designer, as this person will influence your project success directly. So, how do you check the technical skills of potential candidates for your project? Here are some UI/UX designer interview questions you should ask.

Could You Please Send Across Your Portfolio?

A portfolio is an excellent way to judge past work, experience as well as the interests of your candidate. You will also be able to tell if their level of quality meets your expectations or not. Moreover, this work is about creativity, so you should ensure that your vision is similar.

What is UI/UX?

Sometimes, throwing a curveball in the form of a simple question like this can throw your candidate off their game. However, if they can easily answer this question, you know that they have a good grasp of the basics and have crafted a solid foundation for themselves.

The rest of the questions are designed to assess the UI/UX designer’s skills and the design process they implement. Your candidates need to explain their tools, techniques, and thinking clearly during the interview.

  • What are the main design principles for UI/UX?
  • Describe your website UI design process for us.
  • How do you analyze the target audience, and how does it help in design?
  • How do you test your web design?
  • What are the biggest trends in UI/UX design now?
  • What KPI do you use in your working process?

Evaluate Their Soft Skills

Hiring someone with an excellent technical background and good design skills is undoubtedly important – but none of this is going to matter if your designer’s soft skills do not match up to the standards. Your designer needs to communicate with other team members, especially if they work in a remote environment. 

But how do you evaluate a candidate’s soft skills? After all, if you pose the question, “How do your soft skills measure up?” most candidates are likely to tell you that the soft skills are excellent. 

There are several other questions that you can ask to gauge your candidate’s verbal communication skills, creativity, innovative thinking, and connection with the changing trends in their field. Some of these questions include:

  • Why is UI/UX design attractive for you?
  • How do you collaborate with other remote team members?
  • How do you manage your time when working from home?
  • What channels do you use for inspiration?
  • How do you react when a client tells you that they don’t like your design?

All these questions will help you understand how the candidate works in a team, solve arguments, and what they do to stay motivated and inspired.

Where To Hire A UI/UX Designer?

There are several channels to find remote UI/UX designers and freelancers for hire for your development project. But it can be an extremely time-consuming and complicated process to find an excellent fit for your team amongst this pool of specialists.

Of course, you will have certain expectations regarding the quality of the work along with a specific price in mind. As such, an immense amount of time goes in just looking for the right candidate. YouTeam suggests that you browse already verified profiles of UI/UX designers before hiring, and the process of finding the right candidate can take only 48 hours.


The hiring process need not be as much of a pain as you might expect. There is a speedy and efficient way to simplify the entire process while ensuring that you find the best candidates for your project. Simply follow the steps we have given in our guide and ensure that you look in the right places for the best UI/UX designers.

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