Download My Glued Poster Paper Textures for Free


Easily make your artwork look like wheatpaste gig posters with my new collection of free paper textures. These 10 textures feature various naturally formed creases and bubbles from being saturated in glue and stuck down. Overlay the textures onto your designs to create the realistic appearance of a poster that has been hastily glued to a wall.

Download My Glued Poster Paper Textures for Free

At a high resolution of 3500x5000px at 300ppi, these textures are suitable for even the largest of poster designs. Use the Multiply blending mode over lighter designs, or try inverting the texture and using the Screen blending mode over darker areas. Make Levels adjustments to alter the contrast so the texture doesn’t darken or lighten your artwork too much. For a more advanced effect, try exporting a copy of the texture with a slight Gaussian Blur, then apply it as a Displacement Map to make your artwork distort to the folds and creases of the paper.

Download my FREE Glued Poster Paper Textures


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